Android 8 Oreo

Smarter, faster and more secure than ever.

Pure, Secure and Up-to-Date. Always with Nokia.

Nokia phones have always been known to stand the tests of time. That’s why the complete range of Nokia smartphones features pure, secure and up-to-date Android OS, free of bloatware and any unnecessary extras. With regular security and application updates, plus platform upgrades that keep you on the latest version possible, your Nokia smartphone is one that is truly built to last.

Elegance inside and out

Every Nokia smartphone is designed with passion and made with devotion to every detail. But the dedication to true quality and craftsmanship doesn’t stop there. Behind the scenes is an Android OS that is clean and rapidly responsive, delivering a beautiful user experience that’s maximized for performance and usability.


"Pure Android is clean and easy to use"

Say hello to Android Oreo

Smart and Seamless

Usability is at the heart of Android's wave of new features that come with Android 8 Oreo helping you dive into more apps with fewer taps. Most notably, picture-in-picture mode lets you keep one app running while you open another. Perfect for keeping video calls open while you check your emails.

The smaller details haven't been forgotten either – apps now feature notification dots to keep you posted at a glance, while the renewed set of emojis look fresh and familiar.

A better experience

Along with Android 8 Oreo, Google unveiled Google Play Protect to help keep your phone safe by scanning the apps you install, complete with a Settings menu to keep you in control. A closer look at power usage also puts you in charge of how to save on battery life – take a look at how much power your background apps are using, not just the active ones.

Streamline access to your accounts with the Autofill password feature, now for apps as well as your web browsers. This functionality will be integrated to other password managing apps with your permission, so there is no need to give up your password manager if you already have one.

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