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SReXperts - Exhibition

November 14-16

SReXperts 2022 APAC

14 Nov 2022

14:00 MYT

MY, Kuala Lumpur


This year we showcase our Nokia IP latest hardware platforms in actual size depicted in numerous use case scenarios on a 20 meter Wall. You can walk up to the Wall and talk to any of our friendly Nokia presenters to guide you through the 10 interesting use cases and their respective platform. Other than our FP5 based hardware platform in the showcase, you will also find newer hardware switches and routers model that just being introduced this year 2022. 

First to 800GE routing interfaces
This live demo of the FP5 Nokia IP routers showcase actual traffic running on the latest FP5 chipset and as well as running 800GE traffic from the live testers. First to deliver 800GE routing interfaces, first to showcase here in APAC in 2022!

Scroll through the details of the various lab and demo and you’re encourage to attend and enquire with any of our Demo Presenters with your questions and use cases.

“Meet our eXperts” is back!
When you see the table top signage with “ask our eXperts”, feel free to drop by and ask any of the deep-dive questions you have on your next deployment or next use case. Even if the canned demos don’t exactly fits your needs, we can setup follow-ups with you.

Demonstrations details


This year we are showcasing a number of end to end automation solutions like the ENC, ACN that illustrates the power and agility of software to drive network provisioning across network edge, cloud and backhaul. We will show case also additional capabilities on SROS with pySROS; leveraging on python language to create operational use cases to lessen human intervention. Containerlab is also Nokia contribution into the network community to develop an open sourced virtual network simulation based on Docker UX.

Adaptive Cloud Networking: Seamless cloud network interconnect

This demo shows the automated creation of data center and edge cloud local IP networks, with seamless e2e connectivity across WAN to support low latency and high bandwidth applications:

  • Network as a Service: Two real end-to-end IP network services across multiple domains
  • Infrastructure as Code: all executed by templates in 20 seconds using a single Kubernetes API call
  • Cloud native networking: Kubernetes tools and ecosystem extended to deliver cloud networking use cases

Containerlab - Networking Labs with a Docker UX

Containerlab enables engineers to build networking labs with a Docker User Experience. The demonstrations will uncover how we bridge devops practices with networking tasks and take labs to a whole new level.

Edge Network Controller: Cloud Native Network Automation

In this demo we will showcase configuring your edge network using the Kubernetes API in a cloud native fashion, similar to how containerised network functions (CNF) are being deployed, using the Nokia Edge Network Controller (ENC). As a real life use case we will configure and monitor an edge cloud service using our Nokia Virtual Service Router in an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) style on an edge data center. It will show the benefits of being able to combine configuration and monitoring of virtualised applications together with the network device in a cloud native fashion.

pySROS: Enhanced SROS Flexibility with Python

The pySROS library enables you to easily interact with the model-driven management interface of SROS based devices. This demo will show the flexibility gained through that pySROS offers by walking through selected example use-cases. The use-cases include custom SROS CLI commands, locally executed ‘on-box’ automation and remotely executed ‘off-box’ scenarios.   While using on-box executions pySROS can directly access the configuration and state information for Nokia and OpenConfig models, whereas for in off-box executions pySROS acts as a model-aware NetConf client.

The target audience of this demo is anyone who already uses or plans to use model-driven interfaces on SROS devices in their network.

Deepfield DDOS Protection and Traffic Insight

How can I protect my entire network against the new wave of Botnet and other DDoS attacks in  the most efficient way?

And how can I get visibility on all applications that are most used by my customer-base, without deploying DPI kit? 

If you want to know, please come visit our Deepfield Booth!

Learning and certification

Stop by the Learning Services demo for the latest in Nokia IP training and certifications, speak with an expert, and develop your learning plan. In addition, you’ll get access to exclusive offers, including free virtual exams, Data Center Fabric Professional certification self-study, NSP eLearning, and more exclusive offers.

Network evolution

The core network is constantly evolving; this year, we look at the new BNG/CUPS architecture and as well as evolution towards FWA. And we also show case important evolution in Segment Routing with SRv6 as well.

BNG/CUPS with FWA: Converged wireline and fixed wireless access gateway

The next generation Nokia BNGs support a disaggregated model where control (CP) and user plane (UP) function are separated using a CUPS architecture. This demo shows a combined Fixed Wireline and Fixed Wireless Access GW (FWA) with a mix of different (e.g PPPoE, IPoE, LAC , NAT and FWA) sessions through the use of PFCP (3GPP TS 29.244) and PFCP extensions (BBF TR-459) on the Sx-N4 interfaces between CP and UP.

Segment Routing flavors in SROS

The purpose of this demonstration is to show how traffic engineering can be achieved for various SR flavours including SR-TE LSPs, BGP SR Policy, Flex-Algorithm for SR-MPLS, and Flex-Algorithm for SRv6.  Whilst it’s not practical to demonstrate every traffic engineering capability for every flavour, the demonstrations attempt to provide an overview on the art of the possible, both for path placement and for path (re-)optimisation. The demonstrations give consideration to the presence of a centralised controller, with the potential benefits that this can bring to meet certain KPI’s versus the operational overhead effort to deploy it.  The target audience is any operator that has an interest in SR, whether it is because they are deploying or considering deploying SR, or simply because they are interested in what could be achieved with SR.

Nokia Data Center Fabric solution

The Nokia Data Center Fabric dmeo area show case our latest hardware and software solution with the new 7220 IXR-D5 and the new chassis based 7250 IXR-6e/10e.

FSS Connect – Making the DC Fabric Consumable

Fabric Services System (FSS) is Nokia’s intent-based DC fabric management solution. It covers fabric device and service management, digital sandbox emulation capabilities and serves as the interface into cloud management systems. This so called connect service bridges the gap between applications deployed by the CMS and the network services required to inter-connect them. This demo will cover the highlights of FSS and demonstrate the FSS connect service.

NSP solutions

This set of demo will showcase new functionality and features of the Network Service Platform (nsp)

A new dimension in assurance with NSP

The demo will provide the audience with a visual update on NSP’s evolution to streamline and unify the deployment of configuration across both classic and model mode SROS networks. With this evolution a new dimension of assurance is enabled to tackle configuration drift across physical objects such as access ports as well as logical objects such as routing and QoS policies. NSP’s service fulfilment has also evolved in the last year with the enablement of the new Intent Based Service Fulfilment application whereby not only enabling better service lifecycle control but also providing increased flexibility and customisation. Finally gain a real view on NSP’s operational assurance abilities with new dashboards and unified OAM and statistics collection & reporting applications.

Management of 400ZR coherent routing solutions

Coherent routing is the ability of IP routers to connect directly over colored wavelengths enabling cost efficient end-to-end packet transport. The demo will show how the NSP provides a unified IP-optical management & operationalization of coherent routing solutions with 400ZR pluggable optics. Specifically, the management of router interconnect with 400ZR pluggables over a ROADM line system will be showcased.

NSP – Transport Slice Controller

The demo will demonstrate the intent based slice creation, slice assurance and telemetry-based optimization of the transport slices leveraging some of the key NSP applications and frameworks as building blocks of Transport Slice Controller. The  automation of 5G transport slice initiation will be done via intent based technology agnostic API models aligning with IETF models.  TSC Dashboard will be the frontend for the assurance and monitoring of all the detailed information for the transport slices and will also allow cross navigation to various other NSP applications for monitoring telemetry data, OAM test results and analytics reports. Following this, the closed-loop optimization of transport slices will be demonstrated which includes the latency and bandwidth based optimization of transport slices leveraging the metrics collected via telemetry framework and PCE function for the dynamic control of the paths.

Nuage Networks by Nokia

Nuage Networks provide secured branch office network connectivity solutions. This section will update the latest innovations from Nuage.

Enterprise Network Services with Nuage Networks SD-WAN

Nuage Networks SD-WAN provides service providers, resellers and their enterprise customers with an easily consumable managed SD-WAN service platform.  With its extensible functionality, Nuage Networks SD-WAN is the right platform to build a scalable portfolio of SD-WAN, SASE and SSE managed offerings for enterprises to consume. In this demo, we will explore some of the latest additions including service dashboards, cloud connectivity and SaaS breakouts, and advanced service conditioning that ensures the managed service delivers a consistent experience to the enterprise. 

Nuage Service Edge

Nuage Mobile Service Edge helps Service Providers to seamlessly connect mobile devices, wireless routers and IOT devices to the Enterprise WAN with end-to-end network automation and security policy.

Professional services for Nokia IP

Our professional services group worked with numerous customers and developed a number of network solutions based on nsp. Join us to see some of these use cases in action.

Leveraging NSP for Network Automation 

Demonstrating Use Cases for Network & Service Discovery, Service Fulfilment, Network Lifecycle Management.

Simplifying network engineering through automation

Nokia can help network operators to deploy and operate their network by simplifying engineering and operations through state-of-the-art automation.  Leveraging our professional services portfolio, Nokia combines software, solutions and services to drive network engineering effectiveness.  Nokia has made available test automation (NTA) coupled with virtual network replication (DTaaS) to accelerate network validation and then automated verification (CNV) to be used before and after network upgrades to support comprehensive life cycle management.

Transport, Energy and Public Sector (TEPS)

At this booth, we will show case the latest purposed built switches and routers for mission critical networks driving the Transport, Engergy and Public Sectors (TEPS). The new 7210 SAS-mxp with PoE and hardened platforms will be shown as well.

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