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We are Nokia

At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together


We are a B2B technology innovation leader in networking, bringing together the world's people, machines and devices to realize the potential of digital in every industry.


Amplifying the opportunity to transform business, industry and society

Networks are enabling the next technological era, unlocking new ways of working that are shaping our future.

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Working with our customers to do what couldn’t be done before

Pioneering the next evolution of networking where networks meet cloud

Rakennamme kestävämpää, tuottavampaa ja esteettömämpää maailmaa digitaalisesti

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Technology innovation for the digital world

Mullistavaa tutkimusta Nokia Bell Labsissa

Tutkimme teollisen tutkimusosastomme Nokia Bell Labsin kautta verkkojen ja teollisuuden automaation mahdollisuuksia tulevaisuuden tuotevalikoimaamme varten.

Tutustu Nokia Bell Labsiin

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Building a more sustainable, productive, and accessible world through digital

cabbage robot

Technology innovation for the digital world

Game-changing research at Nokia Bell Labs

Researching the future of networks and industrial automation to fuel our future portfolio through Nokia Bell Labs, our industrial research arm.

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Expand your bubble

Join us for an exciting career pioneering the future of technology


Government affairs

Digitalization and transformative technologies have an increasingly important role in shaping the ways we live and work. At Nokia, we engage with governments, regulators, associations, and other stakeholders to drive policy debates on topics underpinning successful digital transformations. These policy debates include the twin transition, critical and trustworthy infrastructures, industrial transformation and emerging technologies, amongst others. Together, we can ensure that everyone benefits from the innovations enabled and accelerated by broadband connectivity.

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