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Greater China

Nokia Networks is one of the leading players providing network systems, business solutions and services to operators. Nokia Networks is well positioned to lead the growth, innovation and competitiveness for our customers in the region.

Some quick facts about us:​

  • 13.9 billion RMB net sales representing 11% of Nokia Networks' sales (2009)
  • Six R&D innovation hubs and three manufacturing facilities
  • About 7,000 employees focusing on customers, service, R&D, manufacturing and supply chain.
  • We host the full value chain of TD LTE including product management, R&D, testing and demo, manufacturing and sourcing, and global marketing and sales
  • Strong local sourcing of more than €1 billion/year in 2009

Where we operate

We have 54 offices across China Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, serving all major customers including China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, China Railway, and the enterprises and government segments.

How we deliver to our customers

Nokia Networks has a holistic approach to delivering products, solutions and services. 

Our focus on innovation is well reflected in our strong presence of R&D Technology Centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hangzhou, which is the largest in Nokia Networks, with a focus on mobile broadband innovations in WCDMA, HSPA, FDD LTE and TDD LTE.   This focus has led us to play an important role in the innovations driven by the Chinese government, not only on the infrastructure level, but on applications as well, such as 3 net convergence, M2M and energy solutions.

In addition to pure technology, we are able to support you in your objectives through the use of world-class support and service, coupled with excellent business understanding and flexibility. This is reflected in our structure which is in place within Greater China.

Enhanced scale and capabilities with the acquisition

  • Expanded customer footprint to almost all provinces in the region
  • Increased market share with all major customers
  • Combined strong TD LTE presence and performance
  • Adding 2500 new employees with new skill sets and expertise
  • Expanded R&D scale with new offerings such as WiMAX.
  • Strong service solutions and multi-vendor optimization offering
  • Expanded manufacturing and supply chain presence will further enhance the competitiveness
  • Valued assets of people and culture

Greater China combined highlights

  • 2G and 3G equipment purchasing framework agreements with China Mobile and China Unicom in 2009 valued at 750 million Euro
  • Recognized as tier 1 and the leading player in TD-LTE: successfully passed all the TD LTE test specifications
  • Leading vendor of IMS platform to China Mobile
  • Recognized as the most reliable partner to secure telecoms services for mega events. Proven examples include Shanghai Expo in 2010, Asian Games 2010, China National Parade in 2009, and Beijing Summer Games in 2008 where we supplied and serviced 75% of the network equipment to the host cities.
  • A leader in 3G/3.5G and next-generation networks in Taiwan and Hong Kong; Deployed WiMAX networks for three of the six operators in Taiwan
  • No. 1 GSM-R supplier worldwide and in China – providing end to end GSM-R core network solutions covering over 50% railways across the country
  • Expands to new growth areas: secured the 1st regional managed service deal, and breakthroughs in many other new areas such as Internet of Things and environmental solutions
  • TD-LTE trial networks for CMCC at Shanghai Expo 2010


Greater China

Greater China Market Head: Mike Wang

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