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5G-enabled Over-the-air software solution for automotive retailers

Fast and secure over-the-air (OTA) software updates to add speed, efficiency and superior customer service for automotive retail services


Software updates for vehicle electronic control units (ECUs) are now a routine service activity for automotive retailers. Service technicians typically update this software manually using a wired interface. While this is a secure method that ensures that other control systems, such as those for airbags and braking, are not compromised, it is also time-consuming.

As automotive technology evolves, and electric and autonomous vehicles become the norm, the volume of large software updates for critical ECUs will continue to grow. Retailers recognize the need to adapt and find more efficient methods for performing these updates cost effectively, while meeting customer expectations for quick turnaround times.

The Nokia Data Shower solution for automotive retailers leverages the industrial metaverse to enable retailers to handle the growing volume of critical vehicle software updates. The solution, which takes advantage of an over-the-air (OTA) interface on a 5G private wireless network, offers OEMs and retailers several key advantages:

  • Provides fast, secure and reliable updates in retailer workshops via “data shower”
  • Improves workshop efficiency to handle growing volumes of updates
  • Reduces costs and improve customer satisfaction
  • Scales across a large network of retailers and is easy to deploy

Use cases

The Nokia Data Shower Solution allows automotive retailers to perform critical vehicle software updates quickly and cost-effectively over the air and can be extended to support a variety of additional 5G private wireless use cases like these:

Workshop automation and optimization

Sales and marketing

  • AR/VR automotive selling experiences
  • Media-rich, personalized digital advertising
  • Consistent branded experience for customers

Benefits and features

With the Data Shower solution, automotive OEMs and retailers will be positioned to achieve key financial and operational goals:

Support additional automotive retail use cases, such as remote video support, connected tools and AR/VR selling experiences 

Reduce the high cost of servicing recalls by eliminating manual effort for mandatory updates

Increase workshop capacity through automation to meet growing software update volumes

Scale to handle growing volume of software updates without enlarging the workshop floor

Increase margins at the retail level and improve profitability

Optimize workshop utilization by eliminating labor-intensive manual updates

Improve the customer experience by reducing the amount of time customers need to spend at retailer’s premises

Data Shower (OTA) at Retailer

Secure Software update of critical ECUs (electronic Control Units)

Solution components

The Data Shower Solution for Automotive Retailers includes 5G wireless networking solutions as well as ruggedized devices, communications and management applications.

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