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Converged WAN solution for defense

Secure, multiservice optical, microwave and IP/MPLS infrastructure for network-centric operations


Many defense organizations are still using proprietary, private WANs that are comprised of siloed technology segments to support mission-critical operations. These disjointed, legacy networks create interoperability, maintenance and management issues that significantly increase costs and complexity. And they aren’t necessarily built to support the massive data volumes and advanced C4ISR systems that are central to modern defense operations.

The Nokia Converged WAN solution gives defense organizations a converged, high-capacity and resilient WAN they can use to:

  • Quickly and securely transport high volumes of multimedia data
  • Accelerate mission-critical C4ISR systems modernization
  • Continue using existing applications 
  • Smoothly interoperate with allies

The converged, multiservice WAN infrastructure uses:

  • Best-in-class optical and microwave solutions with native IP services integration to create a high-performance, private digital backbone.
  • IP/MPLS routing solutions that include Nokia’s industry-leading FP5 chipset to provide extremely high packet switching performance in the network core
  • An embedded and certified cybersecurity framework to protect the network and the data it carries
  • A sophisticated management platform to enable automation and cross-layer services 

With the Nokia Converged WAN solution, defense organizations have the communications speed, capacity and security they need to adopt network-centric operations (NCO) and turn new levels of information superiority into a strategic and tactical advantage.

Use cases

The Nokia Converged WAN solution gives defense organizations the fast, secure and reliable multiservice WAN they need to support a wide variety of use cases. Here are just a few examples:

  • Securely interconnect your military sites and bases across your country,
  • Interconnect your data centers, that process intelligence received from the field
  • Connect border surveillance systems to command and control centers
  • Turn your critical subsea communications cables into highly sensitive sensors

Benefits and features

With the Nokia Converged WAN solution, defense organizations can upgrade to more efficient and effective operations:

Improve application performance by ensuring path and delay symmetry for mission-critical applications 
Assure performance for mission-critical applications with hierarchical quality of service (HQoS) mechanisms

Increase resilience with hot standby protection with zero-second interruption, and other resiliency functions, in all layers of the IP/MPLS network

Increase network and data security with cybersecurity functions and quantum safe encryption solutions that meet stringent defense requirements

Get more from existing investments by continuing to use existing applications with the appropriate quality of service (QoS)

Simplify network management with fast provisioning and intuitive, optimized management across multiple network domains and layers

Optimize use of network resources with support for traffic engineering and isolation at very granular levels
Reduce costs by using less overall bandwidth and simplifying network management

Protect critical subsea communication cable and monitor activity around them with distributed  acoustic sensing

Nokia Converged WAN solution for defense in action

Nokia’s end-to-end transport solution has everything from 5G radios back through front-, mid-and back-haul to the switching, aggregation, routing and optical layers of the network — all under a common management platform. Nokia’s end-to-end approach to 5G will help governments gear up for 5G and enable many exciting new applications and use cases.

Converged WAN Network Architecture

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