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Private Mobile Broadband solution for homeland and theater bases

Private Mobile Broadband solution for homeland and theater bases

Secure, dedicated LTE and 5G connectivity to improve defense operations and situational awareness


The narrowband wireless technologies defense organizations use today were primarily designed to carry voice traffic. They simply don’t have the capacity or speed to deliver the real-time HD video, images and data defense organizations now rely on for day-to-day operational needs and field missions.

The Nokia Private Mobile Broadband solution for homeland and theater bases gives defense organizations the dedicated LTE and 5G infrastructure they need to reliably support all high-bandwidth, mission-critical communications. With a converged, ultra-reliable wireless network that’s more flexible, secure, performant and cost-effective than satellite systems, it provides a foundation to accelerate defense digital transformation and support the multiple, innovative, digital services that will improve defense forces’ situational awareness and operations.

With the Nokia Private Mobile Broadband solution, defense organizations can take advantage of licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum to support the use cases that best align with their needs. 

Our 3GPP standards-based networking solutions, together with our advanced applications, services and expert defense partners, ensures each organization deploys the private mobile broadband network that best meets its unique requirements.

Use cases

The Nokia Private Mobile Broadband solution brings dedicated LTE and 5G connectivity to a wide range of use cases that enhance defense operations and situational awareness.

Digitalize base operations

  • Use augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) to provide remote healthcare, training and MRO services
  • Provide video and haptic feedback to operators of cranes and gantries when loading and unloading ships
  • Use ship-to-shore connectivity to download data from ships while they’re docked or at anchor
  • Rapidly download data from aircraft while they’re still on the runway
  • Provide real-time data to airfield operations staff
  • Get real-time information on the status of base assets for preventive maintenance and optimized logistics operations

Improve base security

  • Create sensor networks that include CCTV, audio, movement, environmental and hazardous chemical sensors 
  • Use advanced analytics solutions to automatically detect anomalies in sensor data
  • Use drones to identify, monitor or warn potential intruders
  • Stream real-time data from infrared, audio, video and other sensors on drones
  • Keep security teams connected and aware with push-to-talk and push-to-video communications

Improve disaster and emergency management

  • Bring your own broadband connectivity in case of disaster
  • Add body cameras to supplement CCTV and vehicle-mounted cameras
  • Monitor bio-vital health signs and chemical exposure and remotely interact with physician using multimedia
  • Track the location of first responders and equipment in real time
  • Create geo-fenced “no go” zones in hazardous areas
  • Use micro-drones to stream infrared, video and audio from hazardous areas, and to give people directions 

Optimize supply chains

  • Use autonomous vehicles for convoys
  • Use drones for convoy surveillance and goods inspections
  • Track goods, equipment and vehicles in real time
  • Automate storage and retrieval, and sorting and handling systems in warehouses
  • Use autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) to move goods in warehouses

Exchange rich command and control (C2) information

  • Use a private wireless network for richer and faster exchange of information in between ships or ship and shore
  • Deploy a mobile network for temporary camps and interconnect camp systems
  • Consolidate multiple communications systems onto a single private wireless network

Optimize base utilities

  • Upgrade to smart lighting and smart waste and water quality management
  • Analyze sensor data to enhance mobility and transportation, energy, environmental systems, building operations and equipment
  • Provide your first responders with video assistance from remote experts
  • Bring broadband connectivity to residential areas of the base
  • Enhance community services such as education and healthcare

Benefits and features

With the Nokia Private Mobile Broadband solution for homeland and theater bases, defense organizations can realize numerous benefits:

Increase forces intelligence. Leverage real-time video, images and data to greatly enhance the situational awareness wherever you operate

Operate more effectively: enhance the productivity of your operations, to act faster and with improved quality

Save OPEX where it matters! Simplify your communication infrastructure, reduce your utilities bill.

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