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Defense Technology and Communications

Empower defense forces with digital solutions that automate key operations to increase safety, productivity and efficiency

Empower defense forces with digital solutions that automate key operations to increase safety, productivity and efficiency.

Our mission-critical networking solutions are based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies that allow defense organizations to leverage the latest innovation from the civilian world for digital transformation and automation across their operations.

Dynamic spectrum management tests done with Fairspectrum and Finnish Defense Forces

Private broadband wireless networks

Take data-intensive defense applications everywhere and support any deployment model with complete security and proven performance  

Strategic backbone networks

Interconnect defense locations and operations with a turnkey mission-critical WAN that supports massive volumes of data traffic

Smart base platforms

Accelerate delivery of innovative digital applications and services to military bases and easily onboard new applications to target your top digital transformation priorities

Private broadband wireless networks

Most wireless networks used in defense were built to support military-grade voice, not today’s data-intensive digital applications. Our private broadband wireless network solution addresses this challenge.

It delivers the reliability and proven performance you need to adopt digital applications that will advance your operational leadership. The solution is based on Nokia Bell Labs innovations, and it’s already helping organizations across industries support mission-critical digital transformation initiatives that are similar to those used in military environments.

But providing 5G for defense is more than just deploying a new radio technology. The transport network must be modernized to support the bandwidth and automation needed. Several network elements, including the core network and edge computing d, must be cloudified and end-to-end network orchestration capabilities must be added. That’s why our entire wireless broadband networking solution is designed to simplify network deployment, management and maintenance, from radio to backhaul to core networks.

And you have complete freedom to choose the deployment model that’s best for your operations, whether you need full private wireless or a hybrid approach that lets you securely leverage commercial networks.

Protect all network devices and infrastructure. As you deploy massive numbers of applications, devices and sensors, it’s crucial to ensure they are protected from malicious activities. We provide the holistic approach to 5G security you need to protect all devices and network infrastructure. We follow industry best practices, implement the right security policies and leverage AI and machine learning technologies to predict, prevent, detect and respond to attacks in the network. Together, these measures give you the comprehensive protection needed to take full advantage of 5G networks in defense.

The 5G strategic advantage

Learn about

  • Securing 5G for defense networks
  • The 5G base of the future
  • The steps to 5G and how to start now

Put digital innovations to work across defense operations

Use your Nokia private broadband wireless network to power a wide range of defense innovations.

Increase efficiency with automated and advanced base operations that:

  • Strengthen base perimeters and protect staff safety
  • Improve  logistic with smart warehouses, autonomous and remote-controlled vehicles
  • Use virtual and augmented reality for maintenance, repair and training
  • Offer telemedicine services to remote forces


Tour a virtual 5G Intelligent Connected Base

Enhance situational awareness for defense forces during missions:

  • Support  command and control (C2) center communications wherever needed
  • Allow media-rich information exchanges  between navy ships and ship-to-shore
  • Augment existing theater communications with data rich applications and tools.
  • Strengthen convoy security

Our secure, low-latency solutions for mission-critical push-to-talk and push-to-video help you improve operational efficiency and enhance situational awareness in almost any scenario.

Learn more about Private broadband wireless networks

Strategic backbone networks

Digital technologies and distributed cloud services are key to effective military operations. But to support the massive volumes of data traffic that go with these advances, the networks that connect military bases, headquarters, and data centers must be modernized.

Nokia offers the most complete portfolio of the industry. We are the only network partner that can deliver the turnkey, mission-critical WAN you need to securely interconnect defense locations:

  • Optical and packet microwave products feature native IP services integration and quantum-safe cryptography
  • IP/MPLS routing solutions deliver extremely high packet routing performance and include an embedded cybersecurity framework
  • A sophisticated network management platform provides unique cross-layer network management and network automation.

Our modernized transport network infrastructure solution allows you to:

Smoothly replace multiple legacy networks witha scalable, converged multiservice IP/MPLS network to reduce operational expenditures without impacting legacy services.

Provide the highest possible reliability and resilience with robust QoS engineering capabilities, from aggregation to the network core, to prioritize and segregate traffic.

Comply with stringent defense cybersecurity requirements.

Support the network automation needed for 5G and native cloud service delivery.

Watch our free webinar >> Automating Your Communications Network for 5G and Cloud-Ready C5ISR

Secure optical transport

Not all encryption solutions are the same.Our secure optical transport solution uses a defense-in-depth security strategy to protect sensitive data It meets the latest NSA recommendations for ciphers and offers the strongest fully certified quantum-safe encryption possible with centralized security management.

The centralized key management structure simplifies and protects the network far more effectively than a distributed model. And specialized optical intrusion detection technology automatically detects when an intrusion occurs. Built-in fiber health scan technology pinpoints where the intrusion has occurred to accelerate response times.


Discover the Nokia secured optical networking solution

Secure IP/MPLS networks

With the rise of cybersecurity threats, mission-critical networks that leverage

IP/MPLS technologies must minimize security vulnerabilities that could impact critical services. To protect the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of all types of network data, IP/MPLS network traffic must be encrypted and authenticated. But most generally available solutions can’t meet all of the security and operational networking requirements when applying encryption.

We’ve developed a unique and power encryption solution that is specifically designed to seamlessly protect IP/MPLS network traffic. And it does so without compromising user flexibility, network availability or the types of traffic that are protected.


Learn about Nokia Group Encryption

Secure 5G transport end-to-end

Most network solutions providers are forced to rely on third parties to deliver secure 5G transport end-to-end. Not Nokia! Our comprehensive portfolio of networking solutions covers all network layers, from 5G remote radio units through:

  • Fronthaul
  • Midhaul
  • Backhaul
  • Switching
  • Aggregation
  • Routing

And it’s all managed under a common management plane.


Find out what end-to-end security across transport network layers really means

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Smart base platforms

To automate and improve military base operations, you need to continuously roll out innovative new digital applications and services. That means your information and communications technology (ICT) architecture must make it easy to on-board new applications, and it must scale so you can continue to expand your capabilities.

Our smart base platforms provide the optimized digital foundation needed to easily deploy and support a broad set of smart base applications:

  • A highly scalable connectivity platform provides the latest fixed and wireless connectivity technologies
  • An IoT device management platform manages a large set of diverse sensors and collects their data
  • A Scene Analytics platform supports applications that make the most of data coming from CCTV cameras and IoT devices.
  • A Data Marketplace solution uses blockchain and federated learning to enable secure data sharing and analytics.
  • An Integrated Operation Center makes it easy to orchestrate end create automated services using information from multiple sources to provide a single-pane-of-glass view for base command and control (C2).


Tour a virtual 5G Intelligent Connected Base


Apply the investments and operating expenditures needed to make bases smart


Easily build end-to-end services to support more efficient base operations


Take innovative new digital services wherever you need them


Deliver numerous applications that increase productivity and efficiency across all aspects of base operations

Get more from cameras and sensors

Turn camera and sensor streams into insights for your application with Nokia Scene Analytics.

Explore Nokia Scene Analytics 

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