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Cybersecurity for power utilities

Keep mission-critical grid communications safe from cyber threats

Shield your power grid against complex cyberattacks with Nokia’s cybersecurity for power utilities solution.

Our end-to-end cybersecurity solution lets you use a multilayered, defense-in-depth approach to identify and eliminate attacks. It combines our best-in-class technology with services from our certified security professionals to keep your entire smart grid infrastructure secure.

With our solution, you can deploy a security framework that:

  • Encrypts your mission-critical data
  • Controls access to grid systems
  • Protects your grid assets, devices and workers
  • Complies with security regulations and standards such as NERC CIP, NIST, IEC and ISO
  • Automates reporting for security audits.

Benefits and features

Our award-winning solution lets you combine the capabilities of proven products and technologies to address your specific needs and ensure strong protection for your operational communications.

Encrypt operational data and user authentication

Secure IP/MPLS networks with Network Group Encryption, dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) networks with L1 encryption provided by the 1830 Photonic Service Switch and microwave radio links with Nokia Wavence.

Protect your industrial devices

Deploy our NetGuard Endpoint Security Solution to protect operational technology (OT) devices that have limited or no security capabilities.

Unify identity access control

Simplify regulatory audit compliance and user access with single sign-on and centralized policy management enabled by our NetGuard Identity Access Manager.

Use data analytics to respond to threats

Integrate and correlate data from multiple security systems into a single dashboard to automate and guide responses to threats with our extended direction and response (XDR) Security solution.

Automate auditing and analysis of network parameters

Prevent service degradations and automate reporting for regulatory compliance with NetGuard Audit Compliance Manager.

Assess security posture

Identify security requirements and develop a layered defense-in-depth approach based  on standards and best practices with help from Bell Labs Consulting and our Services for Utilities.

Reduce risk with pre-tested solutions

Take on hackers and cyber criminals with confidence using solutions that are fully validated through use cases and pre-testing in the Nokia Energy Innovation Center.

Put award-winning technology to work

Strengthen your security posture with a cybersecurity encryption solution recognized by Frost & Sullivan for innovation and performance.

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