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Future proof your mission‑critical transport network

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When lives are at stake, resilience matters

Connection is mission critical in the world of public safety. Networks power a plethora of life-enhancing, and often life-saving, applications such as video surveillance, traffic control and monitoring, automatic fire detection and gun-shot detection sensors. That’s why right now, many state and local government entities are looking to accelerate the digitalization of public safety systems and modernize their network infrastructure to :

  • Connect officers, sensors, machines, offices with the command-and-control center, 24/7, where it matters
  • Prioritize network traffic to make sure the most critical services are delivered on time
  • Protect their networks from increasing cyber-threats.
  • Control cost in the face of traffic growth and help consolidate siloed legacy networks as smart city services drive need for more connectivity.

The new generation of safe and smart city services are digital and all IP based, so while you’re modernizing your network it makes sense to optimize it too for the emerging IP world.

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Is your Mission Critical microwave backhaul vulnerable to Cyber attacks? - webinar with Informa

A thumbnail for the IWCE webinar reading "Is your Mission Critical microwave backhaul vulnerable to Cyber attacks?".

Nokia’s unique all packet, end-to-end, mission-critical networking solution is ready for whatever tomorrow brings

All packet critical networking is the smartest way forward, efficiently and reliably supporting the often decade-old legacy TDM services you have in place while supporting your evolution toward the superior performance and scalability that all IP offers. It’s simpler than other solutions: TDM-based public safety systems need their microwave technologies to integrate with third-party IP solutions, generating the need for different network management tools and creating extra cost and interworking complexity. Only Nokia provides a native integrated, mission-critical, all-packet backhaul network. Network usage and operations are optimized and the network, which already supports Software Defined Networking, can easily scale and automate when needed.

Give your network best in class resiliency with packet backhauling

Imagine a fire is threatening a residential area. A 1st link was already damaged by fire when an excavator raising banks to protect houses cuts a 2nd line backhauling the P25 and other network traffic. Nokia’s all IP solution offers multi-fault resiliency to find a new path in tens of milliseconds, so you don’t leave rescue personnel stranded without connections.

  • Packet Microwave: Enjoy mission critical redundancy and common equipment, cards, messaging as well as radio protection, with adaptive modulation syncing with weather conditions. Link protection supports advanced resilient topologies such as multi-ring, necklace and hybrid too.
  • Unified Microwave + IP/MPLS: Ensure the highest network and application availability with no single point of failure, the utmost resiliency thanks to multi-fault tolerance designs and faster fault corrections with traffic re-routing within 10 milliseconds of fault detection.
  • IP/MPLS routing: Benefit from no service impact even during control card switchover and network and application high availability features such as rapid recovery with fast re-route and fast fault detection mechanisms.

Protect your network from growing cyber-attacks

Recently, a hacker tried to take control of 100s of CCTV cameras and generated a 1 Tb/DDoS attack on a cloud service provider’s network, blocking access to their NG911 call center. With Nokia’s all IP approach, you don’t leave yourself vulnerable to this kind of lethal attack.

  • Packet Microwave: Traffic encryption protects you from quantum attacks and certified L1 traffic encryption system safeguards both microwave and Optical traffic.
  • Unified Microwave + IP/MPLS: Build a defense in depth strategy (L1,2,3) to secure mission-critical communications from growing cyberattacks.
  • IP/MPLS routing: Segregated VPN domains isolate traffic in their own virtual domain while access control list secures network access and stops illicit logins. Encrypted tunnels give you innovative Network Group Encryption (NGE) safeguarding for universal communications including control traffic. You can also benefit from a QoS-enabled stateful Firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT). Furthermore,complemented by Nokia Deepfield Defender – our big data analytics-based DDoS solution, our IP solution can detects and mitigate DDoS threats and attacks.


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Keep operations and cost under control

It’s in the nature of public safety agencies and local government serving rapidly growing urban populations to regularly add new services to improve their operations. Say you have three different suppliers in your network – you’ll need to use three different OAM tools each time you provision a new service. With the flat resources that most government organizations face, constantly upgrading your existing infrastructures simply isn’t sustainable. With a single network management tool, Nokia can help you:

  • Simplify your operations
  • Share your network and reduce TCO
  • Optimize how you manage your network
  • Meet your operational KPIs
  • Smoothly introduce new IT applications
  • Digitalize services and strengthen your comms infrastructure

Your perfect long-term partner

If you’re looking to digitize and upgrade your public safety network, the best way to future proof an investment, which is here to last, is with Nokia all-packet critical networking. Why? Because the future is all IP, whether you’re looking at pursuing new safety applications such as intelligent highways or expanding into areas such as smart administration, smart lightning or smart waste management.

All these systems rely on a progressive backhaul network — which means that you need a partner with the technology and innovation capacity to optimize your backhaul network now, and keep it optimized for the next 15 years.

Nokia has the end-to-end scope to bring all the key network elements together to create a seamless whole – including the software to link it all together, and the services to ensure it works seamlessly. We rank in the top three in almost every communication service provider arena and are a market a leader in the professional services needed to support ongoing transformation.

Unrivalled in all the places that count

With more than 1500 industrial and mission-critical grade networks in the world, an undisputable leadership in private wireless broadband network with more than 290 networks already deployed, including in the Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band, Nokia is driving the development of next generation critical networks. We are number one in packet microwave in the USA and number two in IP routing the two key components of public safety and government backhaul networks.

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