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Water utilities

Water utilities



Empower flexible and resilient smart water systems with IIoT

Digitalizing your way of working, Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies offer exciting opportunities and genuine solutions to many of your water utility’s long-standing challenges. In the new digital future, more open and flexible digital systems will deliver efficient, standards-based visibility and control. This will let utilities automate water management by augmenting data with virtual information and contextual overlay.

The result is total operational transformation. You can optimize the whole lifecycle of water by connecting water resource management, operations and citizens with supply, distribution, wastewater and irrigation systems. This creates more intelligent assets and gives you a more holistic management approach that delivers new operational efficiencies and improved water quality, alongside a more environmentally sustainable system.

“Already by 2025, two thirds of the world’s population could be living in water-stressed countries if current consumption patterns continue.”
UN “Water for Life” 2005 – 2015
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"Nokia ranked as leader in industrial IoT Networking Solutions"

Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid - Industrial IoT Networking Solutions Vendors (2Q 2021)

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Implementing a forward-thinking connected digital water strategy

Of course, the required changes aren’t simple. Long lived asset investments and reliance on purpose-built networks to operate these both curb innovation and make it harder to adapt to new technologies and business needs.

Transforming to an open, standards-based IIoT operations architecture is the answer: agile, scalable, affordable and able to interwork with your current assets.

Global water demand

is projected to increase

20% - 30%

per year by 2050

UNESCO, 2018
World Water Development Report 2018

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Open IIoT operations architecture

New technology advancements in IIoT make larger scale networks and industrial applications like pervasive digital water automation possible, using sensing and control with real-time communications and analytics.

The upshot is a powerful new holistic water management approach, rapidly transitioning you from conventional operational approaches to smarter, more adaptive networks.

Going digital with a trusted communications network

Putting in place the right network is one critical key to success. New open, standards-based Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) communications and flexible open digital platforms are enabling low-cost ubiquitous access to low power IIoT sensors and data.

Cellular network narrowband (NB) IoT has started to mature and is now delivering new cost efficiencies and enhanced battery life as a communication service provider or private LTE/4G network service.

The NB-IoT 3GPP open standard improves coverage, scalability and power draw, enabling economies of scale that make deploying IIoT capabilities realistic in many more meters and sensors.

It offers low interference and improved QoS and security in solutions based on licensed spectrum, while providing standards-based field network connectivity, creating more flexible, economic and sustainable operations.

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Open Operations for IIoT management

Another critical element of any new digital strategy is enabling open, vendor agnostic lifecycle device management for IIoT and existing devices.

Your utility can freely use any IIoT device, all seamlessly integrated into a common data management and analytic system for unified operations and optimal efficiency.

Nokia and Vodafone Australia supply NB-IoT device management to foster digital transformation of Australian water utility

TPG Telecom to manage NB-IoT devices for Yarra Valley Water

"Internet of Things devices present a significant opportunity for the water industry to gain better visibility of asset networks. They will help us to detect leaks and minimize water wastage, which not only safeguards our precious resource but ultimately helps customers save money by reducing their usage.”
Pat McCafferty, Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water

Deploy a mission critical communications and management operations solution, customized for your digital needs

Choosing LTE/4G NB-IoT communications and an IMPACT open device management platform will rapidly transform your operations. Support mission critical communications between operations centers, major locations and assets along with backhaul for private LTE network NB-IoT services with an optical, packet microwave radio and IP/MPLS network.

Innovative change

Empower a new era of innovation and drive significant change, by automating and optimizing operations, providing new services and supporting new applications and business models.

Accelerate digital-era success with the power of intelligent networks

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