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Le Garage

A place to foster innovation and the startup spirit

Innovation is often symbolized by the image of a few friends toiling in a garage at night to create something new and disruptive. Many of today's industry giants were built from modest beginnings - literally in someone's garage.

Augmented Pedestrian

Augmented Pedestrian project it is a great example of co-innovation between Nokia Garage Paris-Saclay and its Startup in Residence Program, Sodexo, and Hublex startup. Augmented Pedestrian, especially, increases reactivity, and reduce time of response of facility management teams on Nokia Paris-Saclay site.

Open innovation space

Le Garage was introduced at Bell Labs Villarceaux as a place for innovation powered by Bell Labs but open and accessible to all staff. It seeks to connect and catalyze innovative projects which do not fit the mainstream product lines. Nokia offers the space for people to work on "different" projects - either alone or in groups - and to share their results, both good and bad, for greater insight into "why". 

In the span of 4 years, Le Garage has evolved and is now structured into two programs:

  • An incubation program, open to all Nokia employees, for fast prototyping and experimentation of early stage projects
  • An acceleration program, In residence, based on the hybridization of internal teams from our Mobile Network Digital Innovation Acceleration program and external ones, including startups, partners, suppliers and student teams for co-innovation projects.  

From thought to reality

Le Garage provides 100 m2 makerspace for fast prototyping. 


Meet the solar connected bike

The Solar Connected Bike to be presented at CES 2019 on the ENGIE & Partners booth.

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If you want to collaborate with us and innovate, or just want to know more about our Le Garage, please contact our team.