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Ulmer Garage

Since 21st February 2017 the Ulmer Garage becomes a platform and engine for Nokia Technology Center Ulm 's renewal, new way-of-working, creative and out-of-the-box thinking, employee engagement & education, fast prototyping, speedy trial & error and learning loops for internal projects, co-creation with local ecosystem ones, and visibility in the region for customers and partners.

If you want to collaborate with us and innovate, or just want to know more about our green Ulmer Garage, please contact our team.

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Where the knowledge sharing shines

Ulmer Garage is an open space for all those who want to share knowledge and experiences. It is the perfect place to have brainstorming, team building or hand-on sessions. People are in close contact and immersed in a full creativity atmosphere, thanks to the out-of-the box concept we designed our Ulmer Garage with. We are an agile company, and we believe that people get their best if they work in new, flexible, and of course environment-friendly spaces.


Knock on the innovation door

Our Nokia Technology Center Ulm is an innovation powerhouse with enormous competence and diverse capabilities. We want to realize our employees' and externals' new ideas and projects, taking the advantages of our identity. Our Ulmer Garage has space and equipment such as 3D printers, Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards, card readers, sensors, displays, cameras, Virtual Reality devices, lab equipment, multimeters, soldering devices, basic hardware tools… And if you need something else, we can provide it. It is all about having cool innovative ideas and making them come true. 

Our community

Because the Ulmer Garage is not only for Nokia employees but for everybody. We have several collaborations running with organizations in the region to both boost innovation and create partnerships agreements.