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Nokia Veturi programs

Investing in the Finnish ecosystem 

Nokia plays a key role in developing the Finnish industrial ecosystems. Nokia currently leads one program under Business Finland’s Veturi initiative, bringing together 100+ Finnish research institutes and companies. The first Veturi initiative was successfully completed in June 2023. The competition challenge for the third Veturi program is currently open.


What is Business Finland’s Veturi initiative?

Business Finland Veturi initiative challenges global companies to lead ecosystems that consist of companies of different sizes and other players.

From year 2020 Business Finland launched Veturi challenge competitions in which companies with international operations agreed to resolve significant future challenges and increase their research, development and innovation investments in Finland. If successful, these projects will lead to additional investments of several billion euros in Finland. The proposed projects were to solve significant future challenges and have a remarkable impact on the RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) target of 4% and the employment target of 75% laid down in the Government Programme.

The selected Veturi companies have committed to increasing their RDI investments in Finland. In addition, these Veturi companies promote RDI related ecosystem cooperation with research organizations and enterprises.

Nokia and the other Veturi companies have committed to significantly increase R&D spend in Finland.

Read more information about Business Finland's Veturi initiative.

Veturi programs in a nutshell

  • Business Finland funded programs
  • Driving productivity and sustainability across industries
  • Nokia lead ecosystems consist of 200+ partners
  • Nokia and the ecosystem partners to significantly increase R&D spend in Finland by 2030

Contact our Veturi team:

Jarkko Pellikka, jarkko.pellikka [at], tel: +358 40 7239 779
Veli-Pekka Luoma, veli-pekka.luoma [at], tel: +358 40 5743 489