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And create technology that helps the world act together


Make your inventions count. Partner with us and, together, we’ll push the boundaries of technology innovation to build a more productive, sustainable and accessible world.

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Who invents with Nokia

Who invents with us

Our inventors don’t fit a mold. Some are professional inventors, others are academics or students, or working in start-ups. 

It’s not where you’ve come from that counts. It’s where you can take us. Together, we’ll create technology that helps transform business, industry and society.

About our inventors

Benefits to inventors

  • World-class technology expertise
  • Knowledge sharing 
  • Secure, straightforward process
  • Brand recognition 
  • Flexible inventor partnerships
  • Generous financial rewards 
  • Personal recognition
  • Tailored feedback
Benefits to inventors

What we’re looking for

Together, we’ll realize the full potential of digital in every industry. We’re particularly interested in inventions in the following areas:

Wireless Technology

Application and Analytics

Fixed Networks

IP and Optical

Emerging Technologies

“Nokia has helped me improve my inventions. Their experts have asked questions I hadn’t considered. It made me look at things from other angles.”

If you’re a Nokia employee, please submit your idea through the internal inventor portal