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Professor Aldo Faisal

Professor Aldo Faisal

Aldo Faisal is one of the few computer scientists in Europe to lead clinical trials of their own AI inventions. Dr Faisal is the Professor in AI and Neuroscience at the Department of Bioengineering and the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. With co-inventor Mahendran Subramanian, Dr Faisal’s work with Nokia has focused on non-invasive ways of measuring human movement and physiological function during sleep.

Abstract: EP 3671631 A1

An apparatus, method and computer program is described comprising: receiving depth data for a first plurality of pixels of a video image of a scene; determining depth data over time for each of a second plurality of pixels of the video image, wherein the second plurality of pixels comprises at least some of the first plurality of pixels; and processing the determined depth data of successive instances of the second plurality of pixels to generate movement data, wherein each instance of the second plurality of pixels comprises depth data of the second plurality of pixels.

“My focus is always on solving concrete problems using technology to make a positive human impact.”
Professor Aldo Faisal
Imperial College, London

Tomislav Matic

Professor Zheng Yan

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