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Invent with Nokia

New inventions help us realize the full potential of digital in every industry

Ideally, your invention will be in one of the areas below. But whatever its focus, it will be novel, non-obvious and useful. Plus it will be a technological idea, rather than a product or services suggestion.


Areas of interest

Wireless Technology

Standards, implementation, IoT, 5G & 6G radio, WiFi, core network

Devices and Services

Smartphones, wearables, UI/UX, security, IoT, AI/ML, automotive

Emerging Technologies

Extended reality, metaverse/mirrorworld, quantum computers


Standards, implementation, voice/audio, video

IP and Optical

Fixed and Mobile Networks


What is Invent with Nokia not for?

What is Invent with Nokia not for?

This portal is NOT for: 

  • Customer suggestions about how we can improve our existing products, battery life and so on.
  • Feedback on our current products or services. 
  • Candidates looking for a job at Nokia. Instead
  • Business proposals, dealerships and marketing offers.
  • Licensing or patent/patent application purchase requests.

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