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5G Monetization
strategies for CSPs

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5G monetization is top of mind for Communication Service Providers. Having invested billions of dollars in 5G deployments, they are now looking at the best options to maximize returns on their investment. 5G has the potential to drive new revenue growth and new business opportunities beyond connectivity, both in the consumer and enterprise segments. This will require CSPs to get involved in 5G ecosystems.

Futurithmic podcasts: Masters of Monetization

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How does a CSP better monetize their huge investments? By taking a page from the playbook of the Masters of Monetization. 30-year veteran Disney executive Duncan Wardle shares his insight into how The House of Mouse achieves such a high ROI and what a mouse can teach the telecom industry about being a lion in its space.

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Masters of monetization

The Membership Economy

We hear it all the time: companies wanting to become “The Netflix” of their industry. As they look for new business opportunities, how can CSPs evaluate these new models? And how do you master monetization without losing customers? Author Robbie Kellman Baxter says that the focus needs to be on the member, not the model.

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Real Talk - Mastering Monetization

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Hear more from Duncan Wardle, Robbie Kellman Baxter, and other leading experts on
how to unlock business growth with #NoBoundaries

Explore the approaches CSPs can take to monetize 5G

monetization consumer market

Will fortune favor the brave in consumer 5G monetization?

CSPs are dipping a toe into consumer 5G monetization. Read the article to learn about the four 5G consumer monetization approaches, and how effective they are for revenue

monetization for enterprise

G force – 5G ecosystems accelerate enterprise revenue for CSPs

By 2030, businesses will be spending $4.5 trillion per year on 5G-enabled technologies. Discover the four monetization models that CSPs can adopt to drive growth.

monetization ecosystems

A new hope for CSPs that embrace the 5G Enterprise ecosystem

5G monetization requires CSPs to look to the enterprise and get comfortable playing a role within larger 5G ecosystems.

The ecosystem approach is the main, if not only, path to success in enterprise 5G for CSPs, but it’s a path that will prove challenging, and, in some cases, narrow. It will require focus and commitment, as well as a cultural, sales and channel shift.
Evan Kirchheimer
Research Vice President at Omdia

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5G Monetization

IDC technology spotlight - 5G monetization

IDC technology spotlight - 5G monetization


How to monetize with fixed broadband solutions