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Build a more sustainable future with 5G

5G promises to deliver many things, but above all, it must be an enabler to improve lives and create a safer, more sustainable society. Three sustainable ideas underpin our 5G solutions:

Let’s work together towards a zero-emissions future.

Rethink technology, reinvent our planet

5G enables new functionalities that can be used to detect environmental dangers in real-time and aid in natural disaster recovery efforts, both protecting our people and preserving our planet.

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Rethink industry, reinvent processes

5G helps industries - from manufacturing to transport to agriculture – improve energy, resource and material efficiency, enabled by automation and digitalization. Here’s why Industry 4.0 will be more sustainable than ever before.

The digital factory is real

How 5G is bringing an energy efficiency revolution

Rethink compute, revolutionize chipsets

Little changes can make a big impact. Nokia chipsets are now smaller than ever, but pack a big punch - capacity gains and reduced power consumption and hardware footprint, resulting in lower emissions and higher energy efficiency.

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Sustainability -chipsets

Rethink cooling, reuse heat

Did you know that liquids are 4000 times more effective at transferring heat as compared to air? This simple fact led to development of some ground-breaking Nokia Solutions: Using liquid to cool down base stations and data centers - reducing emissions by upwards of 80%. How cool is that?

How does liquid cooling work?

Rethink solutions, reimagine networks

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, our 5G products and solutions have built-in power-saving features and functionalities, while our 5G network deployment strategies keep operational costs to a minimum.

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