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A global study found that the top 50 customer experience brands had 50% higher revenue growth and 3X higher EBITDA than the bottom 50 brands, and the customer journey was rated as a #1 tool for CX improvement. Nokia can help you gain a cohesive view of your customer’s journey and take action on the insights you gain. Elevate your brand, increase profitability and lower your OPEX with us.

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Reinvent yourself as a cutting-edge digital service provider through innovations in AI and more.​


“Nokia’s AI driven access analytics solution has given us the ability to proactively address issues, reducing customer calls by solving multiple issues in a single intervention and creating overall efficiencies in our troubleshooting process.”​

Patrick Rausch / Senior project manager, POST Luxembourg


"Our work with Nokia WING will help clear away the complexity of large-scale IoT adoption so that our customers can unlock the potential of IoT worldwide. Boosted by Nokia's globally deployed 'one-stop shop' network technology, we can be more nimble and responsive to our customers' needs.“​

Chris Penrose​ / SVP, Advanced Mobility and Enterprise Solutions, AT&T Business​


"Businesses now demand technology solutions that enable them to digitalize their operations and reduce their operational expenses while enhancing their productivity. This partnership will allow us to create innovative and secure solutions for our enterprise and public sector customers, which will help us deliver superior services and increase our revenue. This is also in keeping with the National Transformation Plan 2020 and Vision 2030 to build a thriving business environment."​

Eng. Saad A. Al-Sadhan / Chief Business and Wholesale Officer, Zain Saudi Arabia​

Customer successes

Our customers are creating experiences people crave. See how our AI-driven solutions are making it easier to build loyalty, generate revenue and give great support.Home and Access Insights helped them meet their objectives for OPEX savings and proactively address customer issues.​

MTN Nigeria – Digital Transformation Journey

MTN Nigeria’s Navindan Naidoo and Uche Osuji talk about their digital transformation journey towards customer-centric operations, and the powerful tool of Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform, which goes beyond being just a network tool to unite all aspects of business.

Nokia strikes IoT deal with Hutchison 3 in Indonesia

Nokia WING will help Hutchinson 3 Indonesia to unlock the potential of IoT for their enterprise customers. Indonesia has ambitions to be the economic powerhouse of Southeast Asia and IoT will help enterprises across Indonesia to compete on the global stage.

Post Luxembourg upgrades to AI driven automated troubleshooting process​

Patrick Rausch and Nicolas Dupuis of Post Luxembourg discuss the challenges of maintaining great quality of experience both for their end users and from a maintenance perspective. Home and Access Insights helped them meet their objectives for OPEX savings and proactively address customer issues.​

Why Nokia for customer experience?

Service providers must deliver extraordinary customer experiences to succeed in the 5G era. Nokia delivers with automation and some of the most sophisticated AI in the telecom industry. We connect intelligence from the business and the network across the entire customer journey to help service providers personalize offers in the moment that matters and proactively care for subscribers and things. And all this is done with privacy and security in mind.

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