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Unlocking revenue and efficiency with intent-driven autonomous operations

Unlocking revenue and efficiency with intent-driven autonomous operations

Introducing Phase III Catalyst and the expanded team

We’re proud to announce the continuation of our award-winning Nokia-led Intent Catalyst. Our fabulous (and extended!) team will showcase Phase III of the catalyst at Digital Transformation World 2023 in Copenhagen. Verizon, TELUS, KDDI Research, and Salesforce are returning with us for another round of innovation. Joining this impressive lineup is Orange as a Communications Service Provider (CSP) champion, and Red Hat and Avataa as esteemed technology vendors. Due to its success and growing participation, our program has evolved, leading us to rename Phase III of our catalyst more accurately as 'Unlocking Revenue and Efficiency with Intent-Driven Autonomous Operations - Phase III'.

Let’s not forget the successful road that got us here

In case you forgot, TM Forum covered our expertise around intent-based operations at DTW22. From the start, Nokia understood the essence of running intent-based operations: It means we help our customers focus on the “what” rather than the “how”. This resonated clearly with CSPs as we showcased our expertise to over 100 CSP customers who declared unanimously that intent-driven operations will be critical to 5G success. We took our success on the road to DTW Asia this past March with Phase II of the catalyst; we won the award for Outstanding Catalyst – Sustainability and Impact on Society. Not bad, if you ask us – or TM Forum. This recognition was a true inspiration for the expanded scope you’ll see at DTW23 this year; we’re so excited to announce Phase III of our catalyst. What will it entail? A new use case, new partners, new champions, and new energy. 

Unveiling the innovation in Phase III

Phase III begins with innovating on the TMF 921 API, which is more than an API. It drives intelligent autonomous operations at every level, across businesses, services, and networks. CSPs can use this API to enhance revenue generation and leverage their 5G investments. By seamlessly capturing enterprise orders, implementing customized Best Fit Service Level Agreements, employing outcome-driven pricing models, and optimizing network efficiencies, CSPs can confidently navigate the digital landscape and monetize 5G investments. 

Empowering CSPs with autonomous behavior

Automation and autonomous behavior play a crucial role in strengthening the relationships between CSPs and enterprises. Phase III of our catalyst introduces the integral concept of autonomous behavior and operations, offering unprecedented opportunities for revenue growth and operational efficiencies. CSPs gain full control over their networks through advanced observability, deep intent understanding, AIOps-driven intelligence, and closed-loop automation. This enables autonomy at every layer, from customer-centric offer and price setup to intent-driven operations throughout the lifecycle of services and network slices, as well as network operations themselves.

Offering a sneak peek into the Phase III use case

Get ready for a glimpse into the possibilities of our catalyst as we explore a captivating use case: stadium live video broadcasting. This scenario goes beyond traditional B2B and B2C models, enhancing the subscriber experience with seamless streaming applications. Witness the implementation of a fair pricing model based on resource utilization, ensuring fairness and sustainable, long-term revenue growth. Targeted promotional offers attract new users and create new revenue streams, while intent-driven autonomous operations and orchestration optimize multi-domain environments, including edge and edge applications. You’ll see unparalleled network efficiency optimization and energy savings in action, powered by Bell Labs AI algorithms. You’ll find our catalyst positioned in the Techco DNA catalyst category because we believe visitors to our Nokia-led catalyst will see how we are helping our customers transform the very DNA of their organizations to move beyond traditional networking models toward offering new service models and capabilities to drive growth and efficiency. 

Join us at Digital Transformation World Copenhagen

We extend a warm invitation to esteemed stakeholders in the telecom industry to join us at Digital Transformation World in Copenhagen. This event promises to showcase how intent-driven autonomous operations can drive success for your organization. Contact us and Follow our Catalyst to ensure you witness the combined innovation of Unlocking Revenue and Efficiency with Intent-Driven Autonomous Operations -- Phase III. 

Malla Poikela

About Malla Poikela

Malla oversees the messaging around Digital Operations portfolio at Business Applications, which include service fulfilment, orchestration and assurance, and AIOps-driven end-to-end autonomous operations. Malla is very visible at industry events and on social media, where she is a passionate advocate for the digital transformation, autonomous and intent-driven operations and customer experience.

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