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Fiber Access: The secret of 5G's success

The extraordinary future of 5G with Fixed Networks

Nokia and Vodafone trial record-breaking 100G PON

Nokia and Vodafone have successfully trialed a new PON technology which delivers record speeds of up to 100 Gb/s on a single PON wavelength. This is 40 times faster than widely deployed GPON technology, and 10 times faster than the most advanced fiber networks in operation today.

This trial shows that there are no limits to fiber networks. Their huge capacity potential and wide availability will transform fiber into a unifying infrastructure that connects everything: consumers, businesses, smart cities, 5G cells, and more.

Vodafone first to trial 100G PON with Nokia: Interview with Gavin Young, Head of Fixed Access Centre of Excellence Vodafone

Vodafone first to trial 100G PON: interview with Gavin Young, Head of Fixed Access Centre of Excellence in Vodafone

Vodafone 100G trial

Nokia Bell Labs fiber innovation is the world’s first for 100Gb/s and flexible rates transmission in a PON network

The vital role of broadband in society

The global crisis created by COVID-19 will have a profound and long-lasting impact on humanity. Governments and industries will, of course, all need to evaluate the long-term implications. However, for the broadband industry, this reflection must start now.

Better together: fiber access and 5G break the Gigabit barrier

Gigabit broadband to everybody, everywhere: that's the goal. Together, 5G and fiber can make it a reality. Where 5G will be in most demand, fiber access networks can be used to connect all the small cells and offload traffic.

Where fiber access can't quite reach, 5G can provide the final connection to bring Gigabit broadband into homes and businesses.

When complementing each others' deployments like this, 5G and fiber bring better broadband to more people, more quickly, and more cost-effectively than either can alone.

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Accelerate 5G

5G Transport

5G networks depend on fiber networks because only fiber can support the massive connectivity, super-high data rates and low latency that 5G demands. For 5G to be successful, we need fiber all the way to the cell. FTTH networks already exist where 5G is needed most, so it makes perfect sense to use them for 5G transport.

  • It makes for faster (and cheaper) 5G deployments than building separate transport networks.
  • It's ready to scale, as FTTH can easily handle 5G densification and increased traffic.
  • It supports software-defined network slicing for a dedicated, low-latency mobile transport slice.

An analysis by Bell Labs Consulting shows that leveraging existing FTTH networks can decrease 5G transport costs by more than 50% compared to traditional solutions.

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Fiber access 

Market-leading fiber access portfolio with the performance and flexibility needed for Gigabit fixed broadband and 5G anyhaul services.

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Broadband Anyhaul

Give your FTTH network the capacity and scale to support mobile anyhaul alongside ultra-broadband residential and business services.

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Network slicing

Create discrete virtual networks to ensure dedicated network performance for 5G anyhaul, residential and business broadband.

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Offload to Wi-Fi

Connect faster

Customer successes

See how other communication service providers are combining fixed access to deliver 5G experiences.

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Broadband Anyhaul

Gain capacity and scale for your mobile transport needs with FTTH networks

Software-Defined Access Networks

Automate more, innovate faster

Next-generation PON

XGS-PON is becoming the mainstream PON technology. Its 10 Gb/s symmetrical capacity enables you to make the first step into a new era of fiber broadband, unlocking opportunities to compete better, increase revenues, drive network efficiency, while keeping low incremental cost. Nokia is the global market leader in XGS-PON.

Home Wi-Fi

Create a perfect broadband experience in every corner of the home

Fixed Wireless Access

With 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) you can deliver fiber-like broadband to customers wherever you have mobile spectrum.

Gigabit Connect

Deliver fiber-like broadband services over coaxial and twisted pair cable in hard-to-fiber MDUs and buildings

Fixed networks services

Transform your broadband network and unlock its full potential

Optical LAN (POL)

Save money, go green and boost the performance of your enterprise with a long-term fiber network

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