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Get 5G right

Choose the right strategy, partner, and technologies

getting 5g right
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getting 5g right

Ensuring the right investments for 5G

Start by maximizing your existing assets. Optimizing and expanding the existing 4G network provides a solid base from which to deploy 5G NSA. To deliver the capacity and performance look beyond the radio access, to the transport and core network. Ensure security is embedded from design to operation.

Insights into the Standalone 5G Core

Nutan Behki, VP Nokia Software Core Engineering, shares her learnings, as the executive in charge of developing the Core's software. 


Marketplace for 5G Standalone Core, by Nutan Behki


Technical considerations for 5G Standalone Core, by Nutan Behki


Deployments of 5G Standalone Core, by Nutan Behki

Use your 4G assets to meet your 5G goals

Take your first steps into 5G by reusing your 4G network. Thanks to Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), you can use existing 4G spectrum and antennas to launch 5G services today. DSS provides a faster and lower risk path to delivering 5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) and millions of Nokia 4G RF units already in the field can be upgraded to 5G.


The well-kept secret of 2G-3G-4G-5G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

Launch 5G coverage with spectrum currently used for 4G with a simple upgrade to your network software

whitepaper thumbnail placeholder

Accelerate 5G rollout with Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

This white paper outlines DSS technology, Nokia's DSS solution and the practical aspects of deployment

Discover Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS)

Launch 5G services faster and enable a smoother migration to 5G with DSS

Deliver 5G services faster

Choosing the right technologies and deployment strategies can help you to launch new 5G services faster, and reduce your business risk. With our consultancy services and a product portfolio that covers the critical 5G domains, we can help you to establish a network with flexibility, scalability, and security built in, so you can adapt to any changes in demand.

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