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Connect the network to the business

Deliver the extraordinary by simplifying your operations for the 5G era

5G Operations illustration
Discover how telcos can evolve their operations for 5G
5G Operations illustration

Connect the network to the business with our
5G Operations Uncovered webinar series.

Remove complexity to create, deliver, assure and secure services

The transformation to 5G requires communications service providers (CSPs) to rethink their systems like never before to drive agility, quality and reduce costs. All while maintaining robust security. For organizations to stay relevant and thrive in this new era of massive opportunity, operations are critical.

That’s where Nokia can help – as the only vendor to combine deep network domain expertise with solutions throughout the end-to-end service lifecycle. We’ll help you simplify your operations by leveraging automation and AI. And connect your network to your business to deliver the extraordinary.

Embrace your journey to change! Start here.

Appledore Research Group shares how operations must evolve to meet the business needs of telcos.

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Meeting your challenges

Free up resources by cutting costs of legacy systems

Reduce cost

Comply with regulations and prioritize cyber threats

Manage risk

Create, deliver, assure and monetize new services faster

Launch new services

Maximize the margins on existing investments

Improve profitability

Manage legacy networks as you move to 5G

Improve quality

Deliver on opportunities as they appear

Seize opportunities

Why Nokia for operations?

Nokia is an automation forerunner and partner that CSPs can rely on during their transformation journey. We have the industry’s best and broadest set of solutions to automate network, service, and security operations. Our applied innovation and collective wisdom provides a credible pathway for CSPs to scale AI and automation. Nokia delivers proven business outcomes, offering CSPs a choice of flexible delivery and commercial models. We enable CSPs to boost productivity 100x fold; launch new services in minutes; deliver guaranteed quality; and automate the detection and resolution of cyber threats.

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