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5G powers global business growth and productivity

Nokia's 5G readiness report

5G is a new dawn for industry. Faster, more agile, more powerful, and more transformative than any generation that has come before.   

Explore Nokia’s cross-industry view of the path to 5G deployment, identifying the true value 5G can bring to individual organizations and the global economy in the wake of COVID-19.

The promise of low latency, high reliability, low power consumption, high bandwidth, multi-level security, and ubiquitous connectivity will enable an extraordinary experience for every industry, business and society. It will power the emergence and convergence of AI, blockchain AR and VR in the enterprise. It will turn the much-discussed concepts of smart cities, autonomous vehicles, virtual learning and remote healthcare into impactful realities. And it will transform global economies – by 2030, we believe it will deliver $8 trillion in value around the world.

5G is now ready for business – but are businesses ready to take advantage of the momentous power of 5G?  

Over six chapters, discover everything you need to know about the path to 5G in new research from Nokia and Bell Labs Consulting, and discover where organizations and markets around the world sit in terms of 5G readiness.

Chapter 1: 5G – ready for business

Business readiness for 5G

Explore 5G maturity by region and sector