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Capacity upgrade use case

Upgrade your capacity

Serve customers more efficiently with more compelling applications

Usher in a new world of connectivity for mobile users and those in a fixed location. Upgrade your capacity so you can serve everyone in the busiest of cities, and deliver mobile broadband services to the home. A capacity upgrade, backed with the speed of 5G, is the foundation for new multimedia consumer experiences at massive scale.

With 5G, service providers can dream bigger. Online experiences can be richer, and more exciting. Many more devices can connect and enjoy enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB). Blockbuster movies can be pin sharp, with ultra high resolution. Service providers will be able to reimagine their business, with more efficient architecture, creative new business models, and inventive services.

Gamers compete head to head on Sprint’s 5G network

A new beginning for mobile communications

Service providers offering 5G will redefine what it means to be connected:

  • Entertainment everywhere, that you can truly immerse yourself in.
  • Broadband delivered to the homes of new customers who couldn’t be connected before.

The Nokia 5G Future X architecture helps service providers to launch faster by providing a comprehensive portfolio of technologies and services.

A new kind of game: Telia accelerating the world of esports

Ultra-wide bandwidth

Enable data-rich applications and compelling digital media with enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB).

Massive connectability

5G supports a much higher density of connected devices, so service providers can reach more customers, and extend the Internet of Things (IoT).

Increased efficiency

5G enables service providers to do more within the same network footprint, so you can optimise your total cost of ownership.

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