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Fixed Wireless Access

Get closer to customers, by offering fixed gigabit broadband on 5G.

Seize the opportunity to grow your business, by wirelessly connecting homes and small businesses. Using 5G, mobile operators can compete with wired broadband providers, and satisfy the most demanding entertainment and business use cases.

With 5G wireless home broadband, homes and small businesses can enjoy media-rich applications, with low latency. 5G enables fixed-grade services, so mobile operators can compete head-to-head with fixed broadband services, and converged operators have a new tool for connecting homes at gigabit speeds.

5G brings Fixed-grade services to Wireless Access

Connecting homes and businesses with 5G

Mobile service providers can use 5G to deepen their customer relationships, and extend into the home and workplace:

  • 5G enables home broadband, fast enough for gaming and high-definition video streaming.
  • 5G can also connect small and medium sized businesses, giving them guaranteed reliability for their business-critical applications.

Nokia provides a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to help you deliver fixed wireless access. Our FastMile 5G gateways support Wi-Fi 6, feature high-gain antennas that help maximize bandwidth, and have innovative technologies to help customers position the gateway for the best 5G signal.


Ultra-wide bandwidth

Enable data-rich applications and compelling digital media in the home.

Low latency

5G delivers the speed required for high-end gaming, the most latency-sensitive entertainment use case.

Save money

No site visit required. Customers can install their own routers, helping mobile operators to connect customers more cost-effectively.

In new research, consumers and enterprises reveal the value and opportunities they see for 5G

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