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Immersive Experiences

With 5G, information can surround us in a 3D digital world

5G will reinvent digital media, by enabling us to step into a high-resolution 3D world, where we will experience a new sense of wonder. 5G breathes life into extended reality (XR) technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality. As we use these technologies, information, objects and people will be all around us, instead of just in front of us, creating an intense emotional engagement.


Experience a new immersive world with 5G

360-Degree Live Experiences

Soak up the atmosphere and look around. 360-degree streaming enables you to experience live events as if you were there, giving you control of what you see. People from all over the world can share the same moment and feel the excitement as events unfold in real time. 360-degree streaming also offers a new medium for advertising, using digital overlays of video and images.

Amazing wrap-around experiences

Service providers can grow revenues by providing immersive broadcasts that people fall in love with:

  • Taking people to the seven wonders of the world with 360-degree tours.
  • Enabling people to attend concerts broadcast from anywhere, distance no object, and feel like they’re in the venue.
  • Delivering fully immersive content for virtual reality (VR) headsets to provide the ultimate immersive experience.


The enhanced bandwidth of 5G supports data-intensive applications such as augmented and virtual reality.

User experience

Ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC) and network slicing ensure a great user experience.

Edge Computing

Nokia’s multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform processes data at the edge of the network, reducing latency to deliver optimal performance.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality (AR)


See what it takes to be a player in cloud gaming

A new paper outlines the opportunities for service providers in cloud gaming.

We estimated the demand cloud gaming will place on the network, and investigated how service providers can measure the quality of experience (QoE), so that they provide the best immersive experiences to gamers.

In new research, consumers and enterprises reveal the value and opportunities they see for 5G

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