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Smart Stadium

Bringing the best experience to every seat in the house

Experience a sports or music event like never before. See every angle, every performer and any content, however you want it. Using 5G, it’s possible to stream high definition video in real time, so every seat in the venue gets a great view. Low latency, high bandwidth connectivity helps the venue with its operations too, including security and retail.

The atmosphere of a concert or sports event is electrifying. 5G can make the experience even more gripping, by giving fans immersive video and information to enhance the show. Using 5G, the venue can more easily collect and process security camera feeds, too, and support building automation and inventory management applications.

The best view, from every seat

Service providers can sell new 5G services to venues, enabling them to:

  • Offer live 8K video from the pitch or the stage, with fans able to choose from multiple camera angles in real time.
  • Show data overlays and stats about musicians or players on the audience’s mobile or wearable devices.
  • Sell merchandise or additional services on the fly to customers using mobile devices.
  • Support pop-up retailers with secure wireless connections for payment processing.
  • Extend market reach, by offering the same live video and information feeds to fans who couldn’t get to the venue.

5G transforms smart venues for all

Network slicing

5G enables network resources to be dedicated to particular applications, guaranteeing the low latency and high bandwidth they need.

Massive connectivity

5G supports a much higher density of connected devices, so you can more cost effectively serve customers in densely packed areas. 

Edge computing

Nokia’s multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform processes high-quality video and data at the edge of the network to cut latency and enable real-time live experiences.


With millions wanting to connect and share, CSPs can bring unique tailored 5G experiences to smart venues

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