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Video Surveillance & Analytics

Real time high-definition video and AI enhance situational awareness, physical security and production quality

Deliver greater insight in smart cities, factories or environmental applications with real time high-definition video and AI-driven analytics. 5G provides the massive uplink bandwidth, and guaranteed low latency required for real-time video applications and analytics.

Video is transforming the way we manage the world. Using artificial intelligence (AI), video analytics can turn high-definition camera streams into actionable information. Only 5G can support the increasing density of cameras, with the uplink bandwidth and quality of service that 4K and 8K video require. With 5G, you  also benefit from the freedom and flexibility of wireless communications.

Bringing intelligence to connected cameras

Service providers have an opportunity to grow their business by supporting new video analytics use cases:

  • Smart and safe city applications can check for traffic queues and behavioral anomalies, to keep cities moving and safe.
  • Industrial applications, such as quality control and physical security management, can help service providers win new enterprise customers.
  • Monitoring and inspection services can be carried out by drones equipped with high-definition cameras, with 5G enabling low-latency feedback and control.

Nokia Scene Analytics and Integrated Operations Center help you to integrate actionable intelligence powered by video with your 5G services, while NetGuard Endpoint security protects cameras from cyberattacks.


5G empowers Visual Intelligence everywhere in real time

Massive Ultra-broadband connectivity

Support high-resolution video streams from more cameras, with the extreme uplink bandwidth of enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB).

Guaranteed performance

5G guarantees low latency and high reliability, so you can enable applications that require prompt analysis and intervention. Examples include quality control or public safety applications.

Flexibility of Edge computing

5G supports a flexible, distributed cloud for local video management and data privacy.

We’ve done this before

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