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Telco AI for the real world

Scale intent-based operations and services with AIOps

What is AI Operations (AIOps)?

AIOps enables end-to-end automation of the network and its services to achieve zero-touch operations; it helps CSPs move from “reactive” operations to AI-driven “intent-based” operations. CSPs can employ AIOps to achieve the service agility and scale necessary to monetize investments in the 5G-era.

Why AIOps in network & service operations?

CSPs are at an inflection point in our industry. Subscriptions continue to rise while ARPUs are in decline. With accelerating pressures around cost, scale, and quality in 5G, CSPs must adopt new operational and business models. AIOps can help them do this.

AIOps is a well-known concept in the IT industry; and as the lines between IT and networking blur in the 5G-era, AIOps becomes integral to CSPs achieving their top goals.


Creating new value opportunities for their business – and their customers’ business


Launching new services faster

Cost savings

Saving costs

CSPs need intelligent, secure operations to simplify network complexity and to monetize 5G services. Deploying automation and AI to respond to business intent will be foundational to these goals.

The AI and automated operations relationship

With intelligent and automated operations, CSPs can correlate network performance events to create a closed loop environment and “fix things faster.” But today’s CSPs want to become more predictive in nature. This is where AI operations (AIOps) comes in.

With AIOps, CSPs can leverage all the events happening in the network – past, present, and future – and work in a predictive and preventive fashion. AIOps will help CSPs use network data to prevent issues before they happen. It will also enable CSPs to use network data to enhance the customer experience (CX). Customer-led AIOps use cases could be network planning, roaming cost reduction, and telecom energy efficiency improvement.

AI and automation do not depend on one another; but when used together, network operations and service operations are optimized to a new level. AIOps will help CSPs to secure their customers’ data and gain their trust; it will drive closed loop automation and automated assurance for better business outcomes; and it will help CSPs monetize current and future 5G investments.

Nokia knows AIOps

Using a proven combination of networking expertise and software knowledge, Nokia’s AI Operations portfolio delivers automation and intelligence everywhere – across services, and directly to the customer. Backed by decades of OSS/BSS expertise and Nokia Bell Labs’ AI investment and innovation, Nokia is leader in the real-world application of telco AI. We are in a unique position to help CSPs know which AIOps method to employ, when to use it, and why – today.

Nokia's AI ops approach

Our AIOps customer highlights


Operational efficiency

Nokia helped Vodafone detect and remedy network anomalies before Vodafone customers were aware of any issue

digital operations center

Service agility

Ranked #1 for network automation software by Appledore, Nokia’s Digital Operations automation software suite is designed to help CSPs design, deploy and assure services across…

energy efficiency

Value creation

China Mobile saw a 20% reduction in energy use when it deployed Nokia’s AVA for Energy solution.