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Automated capacity analysis

Helping a Brazilian operator manage radio bottlenecks more efficiently

  • Time-consuming and labor-intensive network planning and optimization tasks
  • Different processes and methodologies used, hampering consistent quality
  • Reliant on the expertise of individual engineers Used by Nokia NPO team to optimize the performance of a 3G network

Nokia solution

  • Automatic 3G capacity analysis through Nokia AVA (based on CM and PM reports from NetAct)
  • Qlik dashboard displays worst cells analysis together with parameter settings and KPI information for easy correlation and troubleshooting (Descriptive analytics)
  • Identifies areas suffering throughput saturation, and selects most appropriate mean of capacity expansion (Diagnostic analytics)
  • Forecasts when cells will become congested due to traffic increases (Predictive analytics)

Outcome & benefits:

  • Faster identification of capacity issues on the air interface.
  • Significant effort reduction (up to 86%) due to automation of manual analysis - analysis is now performed automatically across the entire network
  • Improved accessibility after parameter optimization (e.g. from 98.5 > 99% for one RNC)
  • Enables standardization of analysis process
  • Better justification for spectrum refarming by quantifying the impact on air interface capacity, overall more strategic approach to capacity planning and smart CAPEX investments - e.g. targeting small cell deployment in areas where traffic is really heavy but only when it is critical to offload the macro
  • Analogy can be comparison between X-Ray and MRI scan!