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IP and optical network automation

Simplify and transform the way you build, control and operate your network

Our network automation solutions help communication service providers (CSPs), webscale companies and enterprises build more programmable, responsive, efficient and reliable IP and optical networks. 

With our solutions, you can maximize network performance, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and succeed in the ever-changing digital economy by using automation to: 

  • Improve the customer experience and keep up with evolving demands with fast, agile service delivery 
  • Reduce the operational complexity that comes with innovative, flexible technologies such as virtualization and containerization  
  • Meet the requirements of 5G, IoT and mission-critical services by taking capacity, low latency and availability to new levels.

Automation explained

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How to solve the automation puzzle

What are the benefits of IP and optical network automation


Improved network services agility

Rapidly deploy network services and updates and respond faster to changing customer demands.


Greater operational efficiency

Lower the cost of repetitive tasks and simplify complex operations.


Increased availability

Reduce human errors and system outages and deliver consistent, predictable outcomes.

Quantitative benefits of IP network automation

A study from Analysys Mason based on real operator data

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Bring automation to every stage of the network lifecycle

Our IP and optical network automation solutions help you resolve pain points at every stage of the network lifecycle, from accelerating service delivery to improving performance and streamlining operational tasks.


Service fulfillment

  • Your pain points: Manual service deployment and migration processes are time consuming and error prone.
  • Our solution: Automated service provisioning with enhanced service-level monitoring and visibility accelerates time to market and puts network services on optimal resource paths to meet your bandwidth, latency and resiliency targets. Automated operations simplify service update, migration and deletion.

Device lifecycle management

  • Your pain points: Manual device installation and commissioning, software upgrades and backups require expertise and time.
  • Our solution: Zero-touch provisioning with self-discovery and configuration and automated operations based on predefined templates and workflows simplify equipment lifecycle management.

Network and service assurance

  • Your pain points: Manual network and service assurance processes are usually reactive and involve difficult maintenance, investigation and troubleshooting tasks.
  • Our solution: Automated network and service assurance with supervision, customizable reporting and prediction tools speeds up maintenance activities. It also helps you quickly troubleshoot network problems and pinpoint the root causes of network issues.

Network and traffic optimization

  • Your pain points: It can be difficult to make efficient use of available resources while maintaining service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Our solution: Centralized network resource control with real-time visibility helps you increase network utilization while improving service performance.

What’s the best starting point for network automation?

The best way to build a network automation roadmap is to focus on your desired business outcomes. These outcomes will help you determine what to automate and when.

  • Accelerate revenue growth: Automate equipment configuration and network service provisioning so you can respond to customer needs faster.
  • Protect revenue and avoid losses: Automate network and service assurance to guarantee performance.
  • Get the most from network assets and investments: Automate traffic optimization to maximize network performance and utilization.
  • Reduce OPEX: Automate network lifecycle management so you can complete operational tasks faster, more efficiently and without errors.

Not sure where to start? One practical approach is to adopt network automation in incremental, achievable steps that maximize return on investment. With our IP and optical network automation solutions, you can start small and tackle more complex challenges later.

Let our automation professional services experts help ease your network automation journey.


Prioritising automation: Creating a successful building block strategy

IP network automation: How to get results

IP network automation: How to get results

Application note
400GE IP-optical coordination and automation

400GE IP-optical coordination and automation

What do you need to automate IP and optical networks?

Why choose Nokia for IP and optical network automation?

Nokia is the right partner for your journey to network automation. We can help you build extremely agile, efficient and reliable IP and optical networks using best-in-class management, IT solutions, domain expertise and design practices.

Offering leadership in IP and optical networking in combination with algorithms and expertise from Nokia Bell Labs, we are in a unique position to help you transform your IP-optical network.


Master the unexpected with network automation


IP network automation use cases

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Insight-driven optical networks

Automating optical networks with innovative business and network insights