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Cloud Operations Manager

Automate cloud lifecycle operations

Nokia Cloud Operations Manager (previously Nokia CloudBand Network Director) automates lifecycle operations of containerized network functions (CNFs), virtual network functions (VNFs), and network services (NSs). It optimizes and governs platform resource usage and is designed for distributed, multi-tenant, multi-vendor cloud infrastructures.

Telco applications are increasingly leveraging cloud-native principles, which will often co-exist with VNFs. Multiple integrated applications provide an inter-related service as application suites or engineered systems such as VoLTE or core networks. Cloud Operations Manager automates the lifecycle management of such hybrid networks to achieve agility and cost savings.

Cloud Operations Manager provides unified lifecycle management, centralized monitoring and visualization of CNFs, VNFs and NSs. It also offers single pane of glass management of hybrid, geographically distributed Kubernetes and OpenStack cloud infrastructures, including dynamic cluster creation as well as management of cluster resources.

Today, more than 50 customers around the world rely on Cloud Operations Manager for automated cloud lifecycle operations.

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Benefits and features


Unified lifecycle management

  • Lifecycle management automation of CNFs and VNFs (create, deploy, terminate, upgrade, scale, heal)
  • Efficient creation and management of complex service function chains and network services

Hybrid cloud infrastructure management

  • Simplified management of large-scale, multi-tenant, multi-site, multi-vendor, multi-VIM/VNFM/SDN-C NFV clouds and Kubernetes containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) 
  • Deployment and lifecycle management automation of distributed Kubernetes clusters 
  • Auto-scaling of clusters based on application needs

Centralized monitoring and visualization

  • Single-pane-of-glass for status monitoring with drill-down to details of constituent resources
  • Enhanced assurance with resource monitoring, topology and root cause analysis



Simplified deployment and operations

  • Telco-grade cloud-native application deployed on Nokia Container Services or another Kubernetes based CaaS 
  • Alignment with open source upstream for rapid innovation, lower costs, and no vendor lock-in
  • User-extensible plugins and open API interfaces allow easy integration with third-party elements

Automated resource management

  • Automation of pre-requisite tasks including identity management, resource configuration and VNF package management
  • Automation of resource lifecycle management and maintenance operations

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