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Telecom customer care

Benefit from omni-channel engagement for the entire customer care journey

How can you and your customers benefit from a better customer care experience?

Let Nokia help you improve customer care experiences across any channel and environment, including proactive and self-care, assisted, home, mobile, and field care.

Benefit from our telecom customer care applications, which combine:

  • advanced troubleshooting capabilities with network diagnostics
  • device diagnostics
  • network analytics based end-to-end visibility to pinpoint and resolve issues

By working across devices, applications, networks, and back-office systems, these capabilities:

  • reduce customer and agent effort
  • cut costs
  • improve end-user satisfaction regardless of channel or environment

Why is it difficult for telecom providers to provide a better customer care experience?

Communication service providers (CSPs) often face a very high call center employee turnover rate, up to 44% in some cases. At the same time, call volumes are constantly increasing. New services and use cases increase call complexity, while customers want to use their channels of choice. In addition, manual processes and the lack of actionable insights make the task harder for customer service representatives (CSRs) than it should be. The result: low NPS, high churn and high OPEX. Sounds familiar? You are not alone.
A recent survey identified the following top 5 issues affecting the performance of customer contact staff:

  1. CSRs lack an integrated desktop to perform tasks across channels (cited by 38% of respondents)
  2. Not automating enough processes/interactions (33%)
  3. CSRs cannot easily receive context about customers prior to or during a call (33%)
  4. CSRs lack a 360-degree view of customers (32%)
  5. CSRs spend too much time on simple/unimportant work (32%)

How can I improve telecom customer care?

Expand the mobile experience

Manage the growing complexity of the mobile ecosystem (including Fixed Wireless Access) and simplify the related customer service processes. Mobile care use cases ensure customers can resolve service issues and consume new offers through a single unified mobile application

Take advantage of proactive care

Use analytics from numerous external sources and trigger workflows to correct network connectivity, device configuration, service performance and QoS issues before customers even notice them.

Boost assisted care

Combining this consolidated data with standardized workflows can help CSRs and customers resolve problems quickly and efficiently. Workflows are reusable across channels, reducing customer and agent effort, and improving first call resolution metrics.

Promote telecom self-care

Let your customers take charge of the service experience. Offer self-service applications that allow them to resolve issues and manage services on their own terms – without contacting the help desk.

Optimize the home experience

The home has become an extension of the network, offering new ways to support and engage customers, but also increasing the possibility of Wi-Fi issues that result in many service calls. Home care use cases provide self-care clients, applications and portals that make it easy for end users to access, consume and get support for their services from their home-connected devices.

Simplify field operations

Reduce downtime and strengthen customer relationships with tools that empower field technicians to resolve issues quickly and cost effectively. Equip them with capabilities for remote service, automation, mobility, consolidation and collaboration.

Why telecom providers choose Nokia for customer care solutions?

Nokia’s award-winning telecom customer care solutions enable you to shift your customer service to the digital era in four key areas:

  1. Empower end-users with feature-rich self-service digital channels
  2. Increase customer care efficiency and resolve customer issues on first contact for all services, using automated diagnostics and guided troubleshooting
  3. Improve customer satisfaction by resolving issues proactively using automated ML/AI-driven customer care
  4. Simplify development of new applications and user experiences to support consumer and enterprise use cases


We have created over €2B in cost savings for our top 10 customers alone. Our telecom customer care applications support more than 1.5 billion devices for over 70 service providers, enabling them to:

  • Boost brand perception by conducting periodic home network and device health checks to ensure optimal service stability
  • Lower OPEX by reducing the number of calls and the need for customers to engage care agents
  • Lower average handle time (AHT) by giving CSRs and customers the data, analysis and processes they need to resolve support issues
  • Increase your first contact resolution (FCR) rate to minimize additional service calls
  • Reduce truck rolls to lower operating expenses while improving customer satisfaction, reducing churn, and increasing Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Maximize broadband service revenue with targeted offers that appeal to customers

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