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Intelligent Care Assistant

Reinventing the experience of telecom customer care with Nokia and Salesforce

As customer expectations change, you are challenged to respond in ways that drive satisfaction and loyalty.

Nokia and Salesforce can help you deliver extraordinary customer care experiences in the moments that matter.

Why integrate Nokia’s Intelligent Care Assistant with the Salesforce Service Cloud?

The Nokia Intelligent Care Assistant integrates with the Salesforce Service Cloud to enable intelligent customer service across all channels, from proactive care and self-care to assisted and field care. It harnesses the power of Nokia’s machine learning based workflows, network analytics and device insights and exposes them through the Salesforce Service Cloud. This unique combination generates a holistic subscriber view that helps drive operating efficiencies, customer satisfaction and loyalty in new ways. By connecting network intelligence with business applications, we support a seamless experience for your customers across their channel of choice.

To get a free trial, visit the Salesforce AppExchange.

Nokia Intelligent Care Assistant for Salesforce

What are the benefits of integrating Nokia’s Intelligent Care Assistant with the Salesforce Service Cloud?

Deliver better omni-channel customer care by:

  • Reducing customer and agent effort with re-usable AI workflows across all omni-channel touch points, automated health check diagnostics, and network map visualization of home and access issues
  • Applying a wide range of market-proven omni-channel use cases
  • Promoting, boosting and supporting self-care
  • Enabling Salesforce Field Service with Nokia’s automated telco diagnostics

Generate new operating efficiencies by:

  • Achieving best-in-class KPIs such as an 80% first contact resolution rate
  • Solving customer issues faster with AI-driven omni-channel workflows that prescribe the optimal sequence of tasks
  • Cutting swivel chair operations with a single interface for insights and troubleshooting details

Drive new customer service levels by:

  • Using subscriber, network and device data in one interface
  • Implementing zero-touch proactive care and solving customer issues before they happen
  • Improving subscriber satisfaction with fast and accurate remedy of issues 

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