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Telecom Mediation

Mediation platform for data center consolidation

What is Telecom mediation?

Real-time decisions and actions

Converged mediation represents data processing for the 5G economy. It has evolved significantly from an off-line capability to collect and validate network usage records for the post-paid billing process.

While batch-based, off-line data collection, aggregation, correlation, normalization, and notification functions are still relevant today, data mediation is now very much a bi-directional online function between network elements and business, operational and analytics systems. 

Challenges with Telecom mediation

Each day, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) face challenges relating to the processing of siloed data through multiple different systems that are supported by different hardware architectures and maintained by different and complex tools. These challenges drive up costs and slow time to market for launching new services. 

Specific Telecom mediation challenges include:

Convergence complexity

The convergence of fixed and mobile networks means that the usage data generated from them needs to be provided to multiple BSS/OSS. Complexity is added with multi-country networks where IMS services need to be supported. If legacy point solutions are deployed in the mediation layer, fulfilling these requirements will result in an ineffective logical mesh that is challenging to manage. Therefore, it is necessary to unify the mediation platform solutions to simplify the network architecture. 

Data volume

The introduction of 4G/LTE demonstrated a massive explosion in data usage and volumes. An even greater wave is associated with 5G. Along with the other parts of the network infrastructure, this will put data mediation under a capacity test in order that the correct usage may be charged.  

Real-time access

To efficiently promote new services, CSPs need real-time access to service usage data. This information will enable real-time triggering based on predefined rules to let associated systems such as campaign management know the optimal moment to send the right promotion.  

New use cases

The ability to expand service offerings to IoT use cases and support digitization projects in industry verticals. 

Telecom mediation use cases

Telecom mediation can enable several advanced use cases that help you prepare and exploit 5G monetization opportunities.

5G monetization

  • 5G/IoT mediation
  • 5G network slice
  • IoT/IoT roaming usage management
  • Enterprise mediation
  • Enterprise applications
  • Cloud usage management

Customer engagement

  • Contextual usage stimulation
  • Recommendations and promotions

Customer experience

  • Analytics mediation
  • OSS mediation


How does Telecom mediation work?

Nokia Mediation provides a layer of intelligent processing to enable real-time decisions and actions and can capture and process massive amounts of raw data.

A vendor and technology agnostic solution, it enables data consolidation across any type and source: this includes connected devices, networks, locational data, and services. The mediation platform then refines that data and sends it on to any target application – all in real-time. This allows service providers to utilize and monetize vast amounts of data available in digital operating environments. Nokia’s consolidated mediation platform hides the technical complexity of connecting the network and other data sources to the OSS/BSS with a unifying processing layer.

Pre-integrated with the wider Nokia portfolio, the Nokia Mediation platform offers a wide range of existing integration options with network elements and systems from many different vendors.

Why use Nokia’s Mediation platform?

Nokia’s Mediation platform is ranked number one in the industry (Analysys Mason, 2020). Our converged mediation platform is used by 175+ CSPs around the world, with the largest deployment processing 300 billion events every day.


Customers served globally


Of world’s mobile usage data handled


Typical TCO savings when replacing legacy systems


Events per day at the largest customer

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