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Service Management Platform

An omnichannel customer experience platform that improves customer care and lowers call center OPEX

How can I drive loyalty and achieve ROI with better telecom customer care?

The Nokia Service Management Platform is the choice of telcos looking to drive loyalty and achieve ROI – fast. Using machine learning algorithms from Bell Labs it executes dynamic workflows to drive the troubleshooting actions that will best resolve a customer’s issue at the time they call or use self-care. Most importantly, the Service Management Platform enables you to offer omni-channel customer service by making issues, workflows, and resolution visible across all channels. This reduces agent and customer effort significantly and improves first contact resolution.

What does Nokia’s Service Management Platform do?

  • Covers more than 1.5 billion devices for 70+ telecom customers
  • Empowers approximately 1 million customer service representatives (CSRs)
  • Executes more than 2.5 billion workflows every month
  • Enables more than 10 million self-service sessions per month

What are the main features and benefits of Nokia’s Service Management Platform?

  • Omni-channel service modeling and management of business logic, which render unified and relevant content to different audiences, as well as providing a consistent user interface across channels and devices.
  • Machine learning driven workflows that drive actions with the fastest predicted resolution for a customer at the time they call or use self-help
  • Run proactive care campaigns using Service Management Platform's campaign manager, driven by analytics recommendations.
  • Over 1,000 pre-built customer care workflows that can run on a variety of devices and channels
  • Use the Intelligent Care Assistant to harness the power of Nokia’s machine learning based workflows, network analytics and device insights and expose them through seamless integration with the Salesforce Service Cloud.
  • Decrease help desk call volume and average handle time (AHT) with next-best actions to customers, CSRs and field technicians
  • Increase FCR and reduce AHT by offering guided problem triage, troubleshooting and resolution workflows to CSRs, customers and field technicians, seamlessly across multiple channels
  • Reduce IT / care costs with low-code development and agile service modeling of advanced service troubleshooting and management logic across key elements of the existing service delivery ecosystem
  • Save 30-50% of the on-premises deployment cost with scalable cloud deployments or as a service (SMPaaS)
  • Use predictive analytics and analytics-driven workflow execution to resolve problems before they affect customers

What are best-in-class telecom customer care KPIs our customers have achieved?

  • A service provider in the Middle East achieved a digital contact rate of over 70%
  • Also in the Middle East, a service provider improved first contact resolution to more than 80%
  • A service provider in Europe reduced the “No fault found” rate to under 30%
  • A decrease in the escalation rate to under 10% was achieved by a North American service provider
  • In South America, a service provider was able to achieve a dispatch rate of less than 15%

How can service providers benefit from Nokia’s telecom customer care solution?

Use case - Fixed network broadband for home: The ability to solve broadband problems without the use of field technicians resulted in $26m OPEX savings over 3 years.

Use case - Fixed Wireless Access (FWA): Proactive resolution of FWA issues enables potential OPEX savings of $150 per FWA customer.

Use case - Enterprise IoT services: Reduced processing time from 5 days to 5 seconds for complex enterprise IoT service reconfiguration.

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