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Real-time subscriber-level network analytics for monitoring and troubleshooting

How well do you really understand your customers? Do you know if they’re having problems with your services? Why do they stay longer or increase their service usage? Analyzing customer behavior is the only sure way to understand how your customers are experiencing your services.

Traffica helps you deliver the excellent all-round experience they are expecting. Traffica is a real-time network analytics tool that provides monitoring and troubleshooting while giving insights into traffic, network, locations, devices and subscribers. It serves multiple technologies and extracts probe data to cater also for multivendor network infrastructures.

It helps all areas of the operator organization - from operations and engineering to customer care and marketing - acquire insights from the subscriber perspective. Realize benefits from day one of implementation - Traffica adapts easily whenever you introduce new network technologies.


Smooth operations

Your operations staff can measure the quality of voice and data services and identify customers who are trying to use services without success, allowing issues to be addressed quickly.

Show you care

Your customer care personnel can drill down to detailed activities to quickly discover and resolve customer problems. Traffica can link with service management applications to provision device settings automatically.

Improved planning

Your planning engineers can see how network resources are being used, allowing more effective investment. Knowing customers’ roaming behavior helps you plan better roaming agreements.

More precise marketing

Your marketing professionals can see how your services are being used and how successful they are. This helps them promote existing services to the right customers and to identify unique new services to offer.

More attractive devices

Your marketing department can see which devices are most popular and which cause the most problems. Trends are easy to spot, improving the effectiveness of your device portfolio.

"Traffica is a strategical tool for us. It detects in real-time performance degradations affecting the subscribers."

Fernando Benelli / Claro Argentina

"Traffica is more than just a traffic management tool. It actually has a role to play in managing individual end-user services."

Denis Coakley / Director of Network Operations for 3UK

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