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AVA - Traffica

Real-time network traffic analytics for monitoring and troubleshooting

Why monitor your telco network in real time?

Real-time telco network traffic analytics helps you understand the events in your network as they happen. Better network visibility helps you quickly spot problems as well as their causes. You also gain a deeper understanding of your customers, the problems they’re having with your services, or if they stay for longer or use services more.

What are the benefits of real-time network monitoring tools?

The tools provide monitoring and troubleshooting while giving insights into traffic, network, locations, devices and subscribers. Traffica is a powerful suite of network monitoring tools that serves multiple mobile network technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G across RAN and core networks.

With Traffica, all areas of your organization - from operations and engineering to customer care – can understand fully how subscribers are experiencing the telco network. Traffica brings these benefits from the first day of implementation and adapts easily when new network technologies are introduced.

How do I check network traffic, quality of service and service use?

As a network traffic analytics tool, Traffica monitors the quality of service, service use and traffic in real-time – all the way from the network level, down to individual cells, telco subscribers and mobile devices. Operations, customer care, marketing and sales can all see how network performance is affecting subscribers. Traffica also detects and helps to prevent network problems by providing real-time information about network capacity and traffic patterns and how they compare to the planned capacity.

Nokia Traffica benefits and features

Ensure smooth operations for telco subscribers

Your operations staff can measure the quality of voice and data services, as well as how many subscribers could be affected by a potential service problem. This allows problems to be prioritized and addressed quickly.

Show you care for your customers

Your customer care personnel can drill down to detailed activities to quickly discover and resolve customer problems. Traffica can link with service management applications to provision device settings automatically.

Improve your network planning

Your planning engineers can see how network resources are being used, allowing more effective investment. Knowing customers’ roaming behavior helps you plan more profitable and sustainable roaming agreements.

Optimize your network devices

Your marketing and operations departments can see which devices are most popular and which cause the most problems. Trends are easy to spot, improving the effectiveness of your device portfolio.

Telco subscribers

  • Resolve problems before telco subscribers are affected
  • See subscriber events in a simple format to help solve customer complaints

Data services

  • Capture quality metrics for data services, messaging and voice

Network monitoring

  • Prevent lost revenue through real-time monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Avoid major disruptions by reconfiguring the network to serve the current traffic mix

Network devices

  • Measure and monitor the behavior of new devices the moment they are introduced onto the network
  • Discover which devices cause the most service quality problems in the network 

Why choose Traffica for real-time network analytics?

Improve your telco customer experience with real-time network troubleshooting insights

  • Real- time customer centric network monitoring for NOC
  • Drill down to root causes within the network (radio and core)

Reduce OPEX in network management

  • New network elements are automatically recognized – no need to touch the tool once deployed
  • Off-the-shelf and customized use cases

Reduce CAPEX and network maintenance costs

  • Less network hardware needed compared to silo deployments
  • Same application for all network technologies

Nokia Traffica is recognized globally: 120+ customers in 70+ countries

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