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VitalSuite Performance Management System

Proactively monitor network performance

Nokia VitalSuite® Performance Management software is a multivendor, multi-application performance management solution providing both historical and near-real-time views covering everything from Network Devices and Servers to VoIP and Web traffic to mission-critical applications and network resources. The solution proactively monitors performance and provides views via an easy-to-use Web 2.0 GUI. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 network environments. VitalSuite has several major software modules:

  • VitalSuite® Apps Application Performance Management software monitors performance of business-critical applications. It proactively gives network-wide, real-time visibility of network-based applications such as Email, Web, DNS, and in-house applications by monitoring traffic volumes and application transaction response times.
  • VitalSuite® Net Network Performance Management software/VitalSuite® Real-time Event Analysis software discovers and monitors multivendor, multi-function network devices and servers, providing performance and trap management , centralized visibility, advanced 2D/3D topology views, reports with drilldowns, trending and capacity planning, advanced thresholds and alarms, traffic, Web, and VoIP monitoring.
  • VitalSuite® Flow software collects Netflow and sFlow records directly from routers in the network and provides powerful traffic analysis and Top-N reporting. It identifies how the network bandwidth is being used.
  • VitalSuite® ART Advanced Reporting Tool allows users to generate custom reports and graphs of performance data from VitalSuite modules.

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