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Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery Services

Transform your core network for limitless flexibility with DelOps

To realize the benefits of DevOps-style, iterative software development in the telecommunications environment, Nokia has developed a specialized approach to achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) that we call Delivery Operations or DelOps. DelOps utilizes high levels of automation and integration allowing you to  

  • Harness the benefits of cloud-native, virtual networks in the 5G era
  • Manage the complexity of your hybrid operations for increased flexibility
  • Bring your organizational silos together for rapid innovation and faster response to market demands.  

Nokia DelOps CI/CD services will speed your time to market, reduce roll-out cycle times and provide higher quality services for your customers.

DevOps vs. DelOps

DevOps, which is used widely in IT and webscale networks, needs to be adapted to the complexity of delivering software to multiple domain environments, third-party software and hybrid cloud environments typical of telecoms networks. It calls for a many-to-many delivery and operations process we refer to as DelOps.


Like DevOps, DelOps uses agile processes to reduce time to market for new products and features, but it uses a different integration process for each environment or platform, with design, deploy, test and operate phases.



Freedom of choice

We use best-of-breed components in our modular integrations and customize the solution, so that you have the flexibility to choose the environment that best fits your needs. 



The seamless merger of our environment with yours allows us to automate continuous delivery to assure your network is constantly up-to-date and new services can launch with speed.

Global market

Global experience

Our renowned experts, many-to-many approach and global experience ensures smooth journey regardless of the complexity of your network.

Features and benefits

Nokia offers a suite of pre-integrated and pre-tested CI/CD solutions for the delivery and deployment of products and solutions for operator-specific environments. We also offer solutions for integrating with third- party ecosystems.  

DelOps continuous integration and delivery

We have tailored our DelOps services approach to three broad segments of the CI/CD services market. 


Nokia CI/CD framework

For those customers with the Nokia CI/CD framework for their network, we leverage that framework to integrate our core network functions into your environment.

Operator developed CI/CD frameworks

If you have your own CI/CD framework, we adapt our own framework seamlessly with your appropriate integration points, in a modular fashion.

Third-party CI/CD frameworks

If your CI/CD frameworks are provided by a third-party system integrator, we can harmonize our CI/CD service with your own.

Our DelOps CI/CD services will help you to:



Improve roll-out cycles

Improve your roll-out cycle times for network function upgrades and updates from months to weeks. Deploy features and patches more frequently. React faster to market demand for new features and applications.

Cost savings

Increase efficiency

Reduce the effort of creating, executing and maintaining test cases, as well as tracking and managing releases and features. Eliminate much of the busy work and mechanical processes with automation.


Reduce risk

Holistic automation ensures that upgrades and updates to your production network happen without the risk of manual errors. Best-of-breed components reduce the risk of overshooting timelines and budgets while developing your CI/CD pipelines.

DelOps CI/CD services

Standard CI/CD Services

Pre-launch services:

  • Planning, designing and deployment services for Nokia CI/CD framework
  • Automated testing (TAF- solution),  test case harness for CI/CD
  • Deployment NF product/solution (implementation, integration)
  • DelOps CI/CD mass provisioning


Post-launch services:

  • Change and release management (SUS)
  • NF SW maintenance
  • CI/CD tools Care for its operations

Enhanced CI/CD Services  

Pre-launch services:

  • DelOps CI/CD readiness and assessment services (consultancy)
  • Design customer specific “design artifacts” creation for NF/Solution
  • Customer specific workflow adaptation for CI/CD
  • Customer specific test adaptation for CI/CD (additional test cases)


Post-launch services:

  • Design and create customer specific artifacts for SW maintenance (upgradation)
  • Care services of customization workflows

Specialized CI/CD Services

Pre-launch services:

  • Integration with foreign CI/CD pipeline
  • Third party repository integration with Nokia CI/CD pipeline
  • Third party NF integration to Nokia CI/CD pipeline
  • Third party test-harness integration to Nokia CI/CD pipeline
  • Third party cloud (Kubernetes, VMI), NFVO, security operations, ticketing system, integration with Nokia pipeline


Post-launch services:

  • Care services of customization and integration

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