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CloudBand Application Manager

Get a VNFM for OpenStack- and VMware-based virtual machines

Ready-to-use VNF lifecycle management

CloudBand Application Manager as an ETSI NFV-compliant Virtualized Network Function Manager (VNFM) automates VNF lifecycle management and cloud resource management, and its standards-based APIs make it easy to work with any vendor’s VNF, Element Management System (EMS), Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM), and NFV Orchestrator (NFVO). For the Nokia VNF portfolio, CloudBand Application Manager offers a read-to-use, pre-integrated, one-click solution for lifecycle management.

CloudBand Application Manager automates lifecycle management by providing an open templating system, managing resources and applying associated workflows. It executes lifecycle management actions more easily and predictably than manual methods. It supports Nokia and third-party VNFs. Using OpenStack Heat orchestration templates, VMware Open Virtualization Format templates (OVF), Mistral workflows and Ansible playbooks, CloudBand Application Manager is open to a broad range of VNF onboarding options. It visualizes the structure and status of applications and performs lifecycle management, including basic functions (create, instantiate, scale, terminate, delete, operate, query and modify VNF), advanced functions (such as healing, update/patching, upgrades, backup and restore) and fault management for virtualized resources.


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