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SR Linux NOS: An open foundation for scalable, agile, flexible data center networks

Scale and simplify the operation of data center fabrics  

Nokia SR Linux opens up the future for cloud builder and hyper-scaler data center networking teams. Its model-driven foundation is designed from the ground up with a management architecture that meets today’s demands for scalability, visibility, cost-efficiency and ease of operations.

SR Linux achieves true openness and extensibility by using an unmodified Linux-based kernel as the foundation on which to build and run a suite of network applications. This gives network teams reliability, portability and ease of application development — while also speeding the availability of non-Nokia applications.

How can you plan design, design and build for open?


Bruce Wallis, Director of Product Management, outlines the model-driven approach that powers SR-Linux.

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SR Linux Architecture

SR linux

The benefits of SR Linux

Unmodified Linux kernel

Provides the foundation on which applications share state via a pub/sub architecture that uses gRPC, protobufs and a lightweight database optimized to handle high volumes of messages.

Extensible and open infrastructure

Allows applications to define and declare their own schemas, enabling them to set configurations and retrieve fine-grained system state.

Scalable interface and open, scalable telemetry framework

Enables open and extensible infrastructure supporting more granular data as the fabric grows, with push-based streaming telemetry.

Field-proven protocol stacks

Implements MP-BGP, EVPN and VXLAN with the resilience, stability, scalability and proven interoperability of the Nokia Service Router Operating System (SR OS).

Open source CLI plugins

Includes a Python-based CLI and JSON-RPC API for management, with a flexible framework for access to underlying data models. This enables operators to customize the way the CLI operates and allows existing CLI-based scripts to be re-used with no changes.

State of the art NetOps Development Kit (NDK)

Integrates existing and third-party applications into the system with the same benefits as Nokia applications, including consistent configuration via YANG, telemetry support, lifecycle management and visibility of system resources.

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