Reinvent yourself as an innovative digital service provider

Transform and grow through innovations in AI, networks, IT systems and business processes

To meet customer expectations and grow its business, a communications service provider (CSP) needs to urgently transform into a digital services provider (DSP) – one that constantly innovates, with new services in digital time. DSPs also need to prioritize how to enrich experience – improving quality of life for the consumer and adding value for the enterprise. Service providers will only compete if they can maximize speed and flexibility while engaging the broader ecosystem for growth.

Speed - Rapidly support and secure services by deploying and integrating new technologies

Flexibility - Engage in new vertical markets by leveraging flexible platforms and tools

Ecosystem - Make the most of every opportunity in digital time, by working with the broader ecosystem

Growth - Build an AI-driven business platform to better understands your customers and their needs

Innovation touches every role, from marketing to infrastructure. By connecting intelligence, removing silos and integrating services into the network, you can meet everyone’s challenges around innovation:

  • Drive growth by launching new services
  • Expand ecosystem to look at new sources of revenue
  • Connect the business and evolve culture to think and act like a DSP

Monetization in a 5G world

Depending on which market you operate in, the introduction of 5G may be imminent or something for which you are just starting to plan. Even if that point still seems far away, now is the time to consider the monetization opportunities and challenges that 5G brings.

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Case Study

How can you…

…innovate to meet future demands?

AirGile cloud-native core network provides the flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability CSPs need to deliver high performance, ultra-reliability and low latency for 5G

…take full advantage of IoT opportunities?

Nokia worldwide IoT network grid (WING) is helping CSPs go to market quickly with a one-stop shop for IoT services. 

…increase loyalty and revenues through experience?

Our monetization portfolio can help you improve the digital experience of your customers, innovate your business model and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Why Nokia for innovation?

Our Future X Architecture can help to unlock your innovation with a clear path for your technologies, people and processes in a 5G world. Our technology leadership, digital-platform capabilities and multi-domain expertise are vital on your journey to becoming a digital service provider.

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