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Create, deliver and operate services in digital time

Today’s online, digital economy means that CSPs need to run in digital time if they are to meet the demands of enterprises and consumers for ever-faster, smarter services. It’s critical to gain actionable insights in real time and respond to the market in the moment. To deliver on this new reality, your operations must give you the ability to offer the highest quality services with agility, efficiency and security.

Quality - Ensure every end user, application, channel and touchpoint is supported by consistent, customer-centric operations.

Security - Protect network, operational and customer data through continuous monitoring and the right access controls. 

Efficiency - Make the most of your network and IT resources by using automation and artificial intelligence (AI) , so you can achieve the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Agility - Speed up responsiveness and time to market with dynamic service orchestration. 

Operational challenges vary for different roles and decision-makers:

  • Modernize legacy systems to free up resources
  • Automate processes and streamline operations
  • Develop platforms to launch new services
  • Protect software, platforms and customer data.

Tomorrow's Agile Operations

Appledore Research Group shares how operations must evolve to meet the business needs of telcos.

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Case Study

How can you…


...adopt lean operations and increase business agility?

With our CloudBand portfolio, you can host, orchestrate, automate and manage VNFs and services helping you meet the challenges of cloud-native architecture.


…meet demands for high performance and better experience?

Improve network performance and experience with Cognitive Services powered by Nokia AVA that uses analytics, automation and cloud to delivery flawless, efficient connectivity.


…gain end-to-end operational control?

Increase control during design, creation, orchestration and assurance of hybrid and virtualized services across multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-technology networks.

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…protect your network, devices, data and business?

Our security portfolio keeps you safe from cyber threats with machine learning that supports proactive security for your high-value assets and services.


...manage your transformation and control costs?

Our Managed Services enabling you to benefit from network and operational transformation while lowering TCO.


...automate on-demand network services across domains?

Automate, optimize and assure network services across multiple network domains and layers, physical/virtual infrastructure, as well as equipment from multiple vendors.

Why Nokia for operations?

Nokia is uniquely placed to help CSPs provide the highest-quality services for customers through agile, efficient and secure operations built on the Nokia Future X Architecture. Our end-to-end portfolio is recognized by the industry as a leader in artificial intelligence, data security, network optimization and innovation.

Customer successes

Discover how we’re helping CSPs act in digital time. Our operational technologies and expertise are enabling them to rapidly create, deliver and operate new services.


Road to 5G: MTS

Russian service provider MTS faced many challenges optimizing its mobile network operations in preparation for 5G.


Managed Services: Vodafone Australia

Nokia Managed Services provide best-in-class network performance for Vodafone Australia through automation and operational transformation.


Managed Services: Shared Network Mexico

This 4G network (which is 5G-ready) employs the latest technologies to deliver wider, higher-quality coverage to more than 90% of people in Mexico.

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