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5529 OSS alarm dispatcher

Integrate alarm flows with client operations support system (OSS) applications


The Nokia 5529 OSS Alarm Dispatcher (OAD) is an advanced alarm-dispatching application that facilitates the integration of alarm flows with client Operations Support System (OSS) applications. The 5529 OSS OAD integrates on top of the access element management system (EMS), from which it retrieves alarm and state information.

Alarms are aggregated and formatted, then dispatched in real time or batch mode to the appropriate client OSS applications. The northbound interface of the 5529 OSS OAD is based on the widely accepted Web service standard (XML/Simple Object Access Protocol [SOAP]), and alarms are formatted according to the TM Forum Multi-Technology Operations System Interface (MTOSI) standard.

The 5529 OSS OAD is an enhanced application that is part of the broader Nokia access management portfolio, including the 5520 Access Management system (AMS) and the 5529 family of products.

Benefits and features

Real time dispatching and forwarding of alarms

  • Northbound interface based on XML/SOAP technology
  • Dispatching of alarms in real time to multiple OSS applications
  • Forwarding of alarms raised by the 5520 Access Management System (AMS)

Programmable alarm functions

  • Selective alarm dispatching based on filtering and subscription mechanisms
  • OSS alarm retrieval and synchronization
  • Harmonized alarm formats based on MTOSI, Release 1.1


Alarm support and forwarding

  • Alarm-acknowledgment support
  • Optional forwarding of alarms as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps


Simplified and future-ready

  • Provides an extensive simplified alarm-collection and aggregation architecture

  • Enables a future-ready solution based on standard OSS interface and alarm formats

Reduces costs and speeds time-to-market

  • Significantly reduces costs for the integration of fault-management OSS applications

  • Speeds time-to-market for new services


Alarm simplification

  • Simplifies alarm collection, aggregation, and dispatching to OSS


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