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FastMile CBRS Receiver

Connect the unconnected with CBRS Fixed Wireless Access


Get the best CBRS signal for rural broadband

Outdoor antennas are a critical requirement for rural broadband. By avoiding first wall attenuation, outdoor receivers allow operators to connect more customers at faster speeds. Our part 96 certified FastMile CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) receivers combine high gain antennas with a 4G modem in a rugged, visually appealing enclosure.

Connect to the home network with an Ethernet cable while using Power over Ethernet (PoE) to power the receiver.  Pairing these receivers with Nokia WiFi beacons inside, creates a robust and reliable solution to connect homes and businesses. The Nokia Wireless app facilitates installation with step-by-step instructions for subscribers and professionals

Benefits and features


  • Outdoor mountable
  • Can be installed by Customer
  • Intuitive installation app


  • Industry-leading antenna design with up to 19 dBi gain
  • MIMO and carrier aggregation

Home Networking

  • Ethernet to home router
  • Existing home router or Nokia WiFi beacons for unstoppable Wi-Fi 

FastMile Citizens Broadband Radio Service devices

Flexibility to mount in the optimal location

FastMile CBRS receiver (front)

FastMile 4G gateway with B48 support for CBRS

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