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Digital Fiber Deployment and Care Services

Build and operate your fiber network faster, better and smarter

Build Gigabit fiber networks that last

Fiber access delivers increased bandwidth, enabling fundamental changes that deliver operational and environmental savings, and value to network operators and their clients for decades. However, FTTH installation requires high initial investment which is linked to building the infrastructure and to physically connecting customers, sometimes in difficult to reach places.  

FTTH projects run the risk of being delayed or to run over budget due to inefficiencies and unexpected hurdles with planning and implementation. There is also an impact on the communities with the inconvenience of civil works, such as digging up roads and entering buildings to install new infrastructure.  

Nokia Digital fiber deployment and care services take the difficulty and cost out of building fiber access networks. The care services are end-to-end: connecting customers, activating services and taking care of the network. By simplifying the process of introducing and commercializing new fiber services, we make sure that your fiber infrastructure investment will support competitive broadband services over the long term.

Benefits and features

Accelerate time to market

  • Automated workflows and agile service set up accelerates FTTH rollout by up to 25%
  • Automated FTTH connection and activation service shortens time to billable service

Reduce FTTH rollout and activation costs

  • Centralized rollout control and subcontractor management reduces FTTH rollout costs by up to 30%
  • Automated FTTH connection and activation service reduce home activation costs up to 50%

Deliver best network service

Predictive analytics combined with our unique knowledge databases and Care experts deliver outage duration reduction up to 60% and faster issue resolution up to 30%.

Maximize network ROI

Network optimization tools and services, powered by advanced analytics and automation capabilities, diagnose network quality and performance, maximizing network return on investment.

Accelerate your FTTH rollout

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OSP deployment

OSP deployment services help with designing and building the physical infrastructure for your fiber infrastructure and FTTx networks. They help to ensure your outside plant designs are optimized and your network deployment projects are implemented seamlessly, according to technical specifications, schedule and budget constraints.

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Network implementation

Nokia Network Build Control Management service automates processes, centralizes control, and integrates passive and active rollouts for faster and better results. It manages the FTTH home connection and activation process, including customer appointments, field technician dispatching, end-to-end fiber path validation and service activation.


Nokia Network Build Management: control broadband network rollouts

Connect FTTH users faster and at lower cost

Automated ONT installation

Nokia ONT Easy Start speeds up and simplifies optical network termination (ONT) provisioning. It transforms today’s complex, multi-step activations into an automated process. You can connect customers faster and increase customer satisfaction while simultaneously cutting costs.

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Manage and optimize your fiber infrastructure and stay competitive

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Network Assessment and Health Check

Network Assessment and Health Check gives you the network data you need to increase operational performance for your customers and financial performance for your shareholders. It provides insights to continuously improve your fiber access network and services. This helps maximize ROI and value from your network.

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Predictive Care

Nokia Predictive Care boosts your fiber access network performance and availability. It identifies anomalies and provides Nokia expert insight to resolve potential network problems before they happen. Predictive Care keeps your fiber services running at highest performance and your fiber customers satisfied.

Bring the power of fiber into the home

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