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FastMile 5G mmWave FWA Receiver

Put 5G mmWave to work for your Fixed Wireless Access broadband service


mmWave takes Fixed Wireless Access broadband to the next level

5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) has been a runaway success and is today connecting millions of satisfied broadband customers around the world using mid-band 5G. Now 5G mmWave Fixed Wireless Access is here to take that success even further.

The Nokia FastMile 5Gmm Receiver is the first solution to overcome the challenges of deploying mmWave FWA, namely attenuation, obstructions, and line-of-sight operation. Industry-leading high-gain antennas, 360° field of view and intelligent algorithms enable the 5Gmm FastMile Receiver to connect to a signal coming from any direction, and instantly switch between sources in the event of a temporary obstruction. These breakthroughs make mmWave broadband a reality, even in non-line-of-sight (NLoS) conditions.

Benefits and features


  • Urban: complement fiber rollouts
  • Suburban: boost capacity with mid-band overlay
  • Rural: deliver Gigabit speeds beyond 12 km (LOS)


  • High-gain antennas with up to 27 dBi gain and auto alignment in FR2
  • 360° field of view to pick up signals from any direction
  • Dynamic adjustment to changes in the environment

Eco-friendly design

Use of sustainable materials: 

  • Fully recyclable brown carton box
  • No plastic in packaging, only paper for protection and ribbon
  • FSC (forest steward council) certified paper material
FastMile 5G mmWave FWA Receiver
myths of mmWave Fixed Wireless Access

Busting the myths of mmWave Fixed Wireless Access

The challenges of deploying 5G mmWave for Fixed Wireless Access have become almost mythical. But with Nokia’s industry-leading high-gain antennas, 360° field of view and in-built intelligence, the FastMile 5Gmm Receiver busts right through these myths.  Now,

  • mmWave can be used in urban suburban and rural areas without the need for costly network densification 
  • mmWave can be used in non-line-of-sight conditions
  • mmWave can avoid environmental disruptions
  • mmWave can cover distances exceeding 12km in the right rural environment

mmWave is relatively low-cost, high-capacity spectrum that can fuel FWA growth for many operators who face capacity challenges or have unused spectrum.

Nokia Wireless App

Nokia Wireless App

Installation technicians can use a little guidance every once in a while. The Nokia Wireless app empowers professional installers with valuable information about the mobile network and the location of specific radio that each device should connect to. It uses this information to guide through the entire installation process including discovery of best location to install FastMile receivers. With augmented reality, technicians can visualize where the 5G radio is in relation to the planned location to determine the right place to install the 5G receiver.

FastMile 5Gmm Receiver

360° field of view and flexible mounting options​

device on the corner of wall

Corner of wall​

device on flat wall

Flat on wall​

device on pole


device on balcony


The rise of mmWave Fixed Wireless Access

New Nokia innovations now make it possible for 5G mmWave to be deployed in urban, suburban and rural use cases, at scale. Luis Martin Santiago, Head of FWA Business Line, Nokia Fixed Networks explains how.

Analyst view

Kyung Mun, Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts

Shiv Putcha, Founder and Principal Analyst at Mandala Insights

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