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Operating the network

Improving service delivery, simplifying operations, reducing operating costs

Discover how to improve service delivery, simplify operations, and manage operating costs in a Gigabit fiber broadband network.

What are the best practices for operating FTTH fiber broadband network?

A proactive approach to network operations keeps fiber services running at the highest performance and keeps fiber customers satisfied. Core to this are:

  • Network optimization using advanced analytics to provide the insights you need to continuously improve your fiber network performance.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to identify and solve network problems before they impact your customers.

What are the benefits of SDN in the broadband network?

In increasingly multi-service, multi-technology, multi-vendor networks, software-define networking (SDN) automation helps to simplify network operations, reduce human error and improve profitability for service providers. Automation assists with the increased number of options, technologies, parameters and dimensions to optimize. As network elements get redefined through programmable software and cloud evolutions, there is a need for a more IT-like approach with better efficiency, agility and DevOps capabilities.

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